What Are Russia’s “Tremendous Weapons?”

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With a possible open struggle with Russia standing on the horizon, it could behoove People to know a few of Russia’s “tremendous weapons.” When this ceases to be a proxy struggle and begins to be a traditional WW3, “understanding your enemy” is important. These high-technology weapons might have an effect on the stability in and, in the end the ultimate consequence of a battle with the USA.

Russia had sixteen years to realize a technological benefit ever since Obama dismantled our navy, plus the 2 years of Biden’s pathetic rule, and he or she has used that point to drag forward of us when it comes to an arms race. Sure, a brand new Chilly Battle has begun, and on the time of this writing, the U.S. stands getting ready to struggle in a number of completely different theaters of operation. Let’s get into it.


This can be a phonetic rendering of a Russian phrase for disinformation. The phrase entails the usage of guile and subterfuge to hide strengths and weaknesses from the eyes of others. Every part about Russian technique revolves closely on a Solar Tzu idea: that each one warfare relies on deception from the basic treatise, The Art of War. The Russians have taken this to an entire new degree.

Conscripts and “inexperienced” (troopers with out fight expertise) troops have been concerned within the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They’ve additionally been utilizing second and third-rate tanks towards the Ukrainians –  not their cutting-edge armored gear and tanks. They haven’t unleashed their veterans and seasoned commanders, nor their greatest gear and items. Not but. A few of their particular weapons have been used, however for the principle half, they’ve been holding again.

Scalar Waves and Beam-Weapons

In a nutshell, the manufacturing of scalar waves entails combining electromagnetic mild waves of comparable frequencies to create a 3rd, entirely-different electromagnetic (EM) wave with radically-different properties. The resultant scalar beam referred to by none apart from Nikola Tesla: “a wave of sound within the non-material ether.”

Scalar waves journey sooner than the velocity of sunshine, and in contrast to “customary” EM waves, the scalar wave can undergo matter with out encountering resistance. For the most effective information on this topic, I like to recommend studying Fer De Lance: Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons by (retired) Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bearden.When used, these weapons can produce an explosive impact or an implosion impact from nice distances.

Scalar know-how can be used to destroy missiles earlier than they attain closing velocity and trajectory. The scalar weapons can be used to create synthetic earthquakes, main many to theorize that the earthquake that rendered the top-secret naval analysis facility China Lake inoperative was brought on by scalar weapons.

Hypersonic Missiles

This supply system takes nuclear warfare into an entire new territory. The Russians are far forward of us in hypersonic missiles. They’ve included them into their armed forces and are steadily constructing extra missiles for his or her arsenals. The Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missile is within the service of the Russian Air Power. From an article written by Tom O’Connor, 7/21/2018entitled Russia’s Latest ‘Super Weapons’: What Are They and What Can They Do?” some details about the Kinzhal is given:

“The Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missile has reportedly been improved from 1,200 miles to greater than 1,800 miles [range] and is able to touring 10 occasions the velocity of sound. It can be maneuvered mid-flight to hit targets with a robust standard or nuclear payload.”

That’s a cruise missile that can also be able to being fitted with a nuclear warhead. That is along with the RS-28 Sarmat, often known as the “Satan-2 missile” within the U.S., an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile).

The velocity of those missiles (in extra of seven,500 mph) makes it subsequent to inconceivable to cease them with the present air protection measures, such because the Aegis or THADD techniques. As well as, because it’s talked about above, it’s maneuverable in mid-flight! Because of this Russian reconnaissance plane and satellites can information the missile away from areas with excessive concentrations of air-defense emplacements.

If that isn’t sufficient, then there’s the Avangard, a nuclear ICBM that may glide hypersonically at a velocity of 20 occasions the velocity of sound. Able to flying at low ranges, it may well evade all recognized air protection measures.

In the meantime, within the U.S., we’ve got examined our personal hypersonic missiles on three events – and the missiles have failed miserably. All of those assessments befell this yr, one in all them within the month of July.

The Poseidon

This can be a nuclear “drone” submarine able to carrying a 100-megaton weapon. It’s particularly designed to attack a nation’s coastline. Such a colossal warhead would create a “nuclear tsunami,” able to smashing into the shoreline and destroying cities bodily earlier than rendering them radioactive. The submarine is meant to be a lot sooner than different submarines or floor craft.

Пересвет (The Peresvet Laser Advanced/System)

This technique has been in energetic service with the Russian navy since December of 2019. It takes its identify from a warrior-monk, Alexander Peresvet, who fought towards the Mongols within the 1300s. 5 items went into operation in Might of 2022. It’s a system of directed power weapons on this case, alaser beam.

Peresvet can be utilized towards satellites, drones, plane, and missileswith a variety of a few thousand miles. In line with a senior Russian navy official, Peresvet is able to incinerating targets as much as three miles distant in beneath 5 seconds. Directed power weapons (DEWs) embody lasers, particle beams, microwaves, and acoustic (sound) weapons.

Extra might be learn on it in an article entitled “Russian Peresvet laser system destroys combat UAVs in five seconds,” by Pravda.RU, 5/18/2022.

Radio-electronic Warfare and Weapons

The aim of those weapons is to destroy or render inoperable enemy digital gear. Targets of those weapons techniques could possibly be plane, drones, ships, and land/shore-based defenses. Guided missiles and munitions are additionally in a position to be focused. It entails the usage of microwave pulses.

In 2014, a Russian Su-24 used such a microwave pulse to disable an American vessel, the USS Donald Prepare dinnerwhen it was patrolling (spying) on the Black Sea inside shut proximity to Russian forces.

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And this isn’t even an entire listing of Russia’s tremendous weapons.

There are different weapons which have been talked about within the Russian Press, and these have been described as being nonetheless on the drafting board. But, right here is the place “dezinformatsiya” comes into play once more: we might not know the complete extent of their capabilities till after a struggle has begun.

The issue is “deeper” than mere governments or the puppets emplaced as their figureheads. The Russian weapons are spectacular, sure. They’re much less alarming to this author, nonetheless, than the deleted and depleted state our nation has fallen into. What’s permitted to happen inside our armed forces is nothing wanting appalling.

Armed with their “social justice” and “political correctness” mantras, these Communists within the (formerly-hallowed) halls of our capital have managed to systematically dismantle these United States. Ought to a struggle happen, it isn’t as vital to know who initiated it as it’s to outlive it. Our weak point doesn’t lie with the Russian developments in super-weapons know-how. The entitlement mentality is the best weak point of the USA now.

Russia’s tremendous weapons pose a critical menace.

So, we’re within the “twilight of empire,” and the rulers will get to resolve when it begins and who initiates it. We’ve a “Commander-in-Chief” that may’t even keep on a bicycle, not to mention sustain with the ever-changing strategic local weather that unfolds by the day. Simply take a look at all of them, the politicians: our rulers. Simply the sight of them is sufficient to make Russia able to declare struggle. Russia is ready. Are we?

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