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The liberal media and the radical left will say you're crazy - but you know being prepared is smart and sensible. Learn the skills to be ready for anything - because anything is coming!

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Written and video training by leading experts in self-defense, physical training, home security, and survival gardening and food preparation. When it comes to preparedness, you need to keep your skills sharp and ready at a moment's notice.


learn the necessary skills to keep yourself safe when you're out in the world. You may not be able to control every situation, but you can control yourself.

Home Protection

Your home is your castle - defend your home like one as well. Learn what to do beyond alarm systems to keep your household safe. 

Firearm Training

Nothing substitutes on-range training. But our experts are the closest you can get to live, personalized firearm training. 

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Our library gives you access to the best printed materials related to self-defense, home security, homesteading, gardening, food storage, and more! 

These items are available for viewing, download, and print for your reading convenience. Take our expert resources with you wherever you are in the most convenient way possible.

Video Courses

Nothing is more convenient than learning through video courses. Our experts give you their most important and life-saving lessons through demonstration and example where you can view and re-watch at your convenience. Whether you want to binge watch or space courses out at your pace, your video courses track and allow you to return to your favorite clips easily and conveniently. 

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Get access to the most up-to-date and relevant blog and news releases on the web today. 

Keep up with the latest reports, information, and products to keep you prepared and safe. This is the best of the best 

We pull from the most reputable and popular survival and tactical resources available as well as giving you our own expert information.

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We Believe In The Individual

America was founded on the individual relying on themselves and their own small groups to survive and thrive. Family and Faith were the backbone of our existence, and that's what we believe still makes us strong. America was founded and will only achieve its promise if we continue to grow and become more reliant on ourselves and our own skills - and to pass them on to future generations. 

The Time To Act Is Now!

Like metal needs to be tempered to be strengthened. Diamonds need pressure and heat to harden. Our skills only remain and get better as we challenge them and work them to grow... to become sharper. 

When SHTF, you will be ready and prepared - calm and collected - while your neighbors are losing their minds. 

Act now and join our community.

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