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"Definitely Not Tea" Coffee Mug

More than 63% of Americans drink coffee first thing in the morning. But less than 10% feel like an American Patriot Bad Ass enjoying that coffee. 

Ok, we're making up that second statistic, but without a mug like this, how are you going to let your co-workers know that you'd be happy to throw some tea when your rights are being infringed? 

To be honest, half the day this mug is actually holding bourbon - but the point is still the same...

Your Patriotism is strong and you're free to let everyone know. 

So, whether for your morning coffee, morning bourbon, or any assortment of afternoon beverages, This drink is Definitely Not Tea!

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The U.S. military has halted flight operations for an undisclosed amount of its V-22 Osprey fleet. The issue is a hard clutch engagement issue that caused several mishaps in 2022. V-22s with the U.S. Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force Special Operations Command are grounded until a part of the engine is replaced. It’s the Continue Reading…

V-22 Ospreys grounded over hard clutch issue

With an ever-growing dependence on digital technology, it is becoming more and more important to be prepared for potential disruptions in our electronics. Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) are a genuine concern, as they can cause a devastating amount of damage to sensitive electronics, such as computers, phones, and other devices. Preppers and survivalists must be aware Continue Reading…

Is The Microwave Or The Fridge A Faraday Cage?

reader submitted photo Matching Plans for 2×4 Outdoor Furniture 2×4 Outdoor Wood Sofa Plans 2×4 Outdoor Wood Sofa One Arm Sectional Piece Plans 2×4 Armless Sofa Sectional Piece Plans Pin For Later!  Source link

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2×4 Outdoor Coffee Table

The Best Collection of Tactical and Survival Gear on The Internet

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