2nd Amendment Rights

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  • Think Donald Trump Will be your Saviour? THINK AGAIN! He’s one man, and I hate to say it but he’s relatively powerless with regard to gun laws. There are too many “BAD COOKS” in the kitchen and only Your OWN KNOWLEDGE will protect your guns.
  • QUESTION!: Do you know what a FIREARM “Technically” is? There’s an actual legal definition and understanding it to it’s core can allow you tremendous flexibility and freedom regarding regulation. Most have NO idea about this, but the advantages are huge when you do.
  • When you register your guns you’re in the system. One wrong answer will have you on the watch list, and you’ll never know it until it’s too late! I’ll show you exactly how to avoid ever being flagged.
  • On page 29 you’ll discover the exact steps to legally acquire firearms without any paperwork!
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Drugs, home invasion, social unrest, and heinous crimes will be come far more prevalent… your family will be completely vulnerable.

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Are you going to stand for it?

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So who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Richard Marshall, After serving in United States military for 25 years, with special assignments that include US Army Airborne, US Army Ranger and the US Army Special Forces

And with 11 years of my career As an Army Instructor I have held positions in multiple army schools to include US Army Airborne Instructor, Infantry Officer Instructor, Special Forces Instructor and Shooting Instructor for the Asymmetric Warfare Group-Combat Application.

I know guns and I know my rights. And nothing will ever get in the way of that.

And I’m going to show you how to arm yourself to keep your family safe, happy and healthy, no matter what you have to face.

12 months ago I began to share my knowledge with the public. Since then over 16,423 people have stood up to say YES! I want to know my rights under the new regime.

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