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This has been a loooong dry spell since I’ve added anything to the blog. There has been a ton of stuff going on and my priorities took me in a different direction. So what’s going on?

A review of the summer

Since I sold TSA Knives a couple of years ago I still carried a basic line of higher end knives in addition to the lines of axes I brought in. The first part of this year I finally divested myself of those knives to Erin over at TSA Knives. I’ve tried to spend more time on the lines of axes I carry while adding a few more.

In addition, I’ve been working at more gun and knife shows. Many times I’ve said that I really prefer and enjoy selling face to face rather then online. The online portion of the business is critical as it’s the only way to reach those of you scattered around the country. I just wish I could work with all of you one on one in person.

It was a summer of camping and a little travel. There’s a gorgeous campground along the Canadian border in North Dakota I’ll share with you in the future. An extended camping trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota was fantastic. And a day of Prairie Dog hunting in North Dakota was a welcome change. And of course our annual trip to the Michael Odermann Memorial Pheasant Hunt was the capping event of the summer. More on that later as well.

Recently I put together a lock-back pocket knife from a kit and enjoyed the experience. It was a great learning experience and just a lot of fun. NOW, I have leather coming in and the tools necessary to build a sheath for some fixed blades. All I lack is the knowledge of how to do it. Fortunately my friend Dave Taylor has promised to guide me along. As far as I’m concerned that’s learning from one of the best. We’ll see just how much patience he has.

Between all of these adventures, I slowly moved away from the knife industry. (with a few exceptions of course). I’ve never been a knife ‘collector’ and watching the totally irrational prices some of the GEC knives are selling for gave me vertigo. More power to the folks making money on them but it makes no sense to me. I don’t understand spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a factory production knife when you can buy a one of a kind custom knife for less money.

Changes Going Forward

I’ve dabbled with Facebook a bit this past year and have been left ‘wanting’. It’s an interesting place but there are so many rabbit holes to go down that I find it to be a major time waster. Often I’ve had things I wanted to say but didn’t for fear of censorship or just plain mean spirited comments. Personally, unless you’re into looking at pictures of other peoples kids, people doing stupid stuff and really cute animals (lord knows I’ve done plenty of that!), it gets a bit boring. But you can’t look away.

In the next week or so I’ll be changing the name of the blog to “by the way folks”. The focus of discussion is going to shift a bit to let me ramble on about things I really like talking about. Shooting, camping, hunting, fishing, knives, guns, axes, reloading, cigars, memories…. basically all the fun things in life. I’m leaving all of the original content in place but as I said, taking things in a slightly different direction.

So why change the name of the blog to “by the way folks”? It just seems like an appropriate name to wind up my thoughts. The original TSAKblog.com will still lead to the new blog for the time being. And by the way folks, I’ll try to keep it fun and interesting.


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