Friends of a North Carolina woman blamed her death in Mexico on alcohol poisoning — until a shocking video surfaced on social media

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A North Carolina woman was found dead while on vacation in Mexico, and a video surfacing on social media contradicted the official story that she died of alcohol poisoning.

Shanquella Robinson traveled to a villa in Mexico from Charlotte to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but something went horribly wrong. The 25-year-old arrived in Cabo San Lucas early on Friday, October 28. The next morning, she was dead.

Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, told WJZY-TV that she received a frantic call Saturday evening from her daughter’s friends saying that she had suffered from alcohol poisoning and that they couldn’t feel a pulse. They reportedly told her they were calling a doctor.

The family grew suspicious when the autopsy said that Robinson did not die from alcohol poisoning but that she had suffered a lethal injury to her spinal cord and neck.

Her mother said it took two weeks and almost $6,000 to have her daughter’s remains sent home.

Initially, the U.S. State Department office in Mexico said there was “no clear evidence of foul play” and concluded there was “no certainty she murdered.”

That’s when a shocking video surfaced on social media.

The video changes everything

On Tuesday, a video was circulated on social media that appeared to show Robinson being brutally beaten by one of her friends while others stood by and recorded the incident.

At one point, a man taunted the woman by asking why she wasn’t fighting back.

Robinson’s family confirmed to WJZY that the woman being beaten on the video was their daughter.

On Thursday, Mexican officials said to WJZY that the investigation was “very much open” and they are still looking for answers. They also said they did not know about the video until Wednesday.

Online outrage

The video led to a furor online as people raged against the woman’s friends for recording the video while she received what was likely a lethal beating.

“They intentionally killed her. They sat there & watched that baby get beat. They didn’t stop it or try to defend her. They recorded the assault as if to humiliate her. Absolutely disgusting,” read one popular tweet.

“What happened to that beautiful girl was NOT okay. I’ve been angry for a few days about the story, I’m still sick to my stomach,” replied another commenter.

“I wish I didn’t come across this. I wish I didn’t know this happened. I wish so many things. This poor woman. I hope they all end up in jail for what they did to her and that her family gets Justice,” said singer Malynda Hale.

“For them to beat that girl like that and tell her to fight is just disgusting. Just broke my heart,” responded performer K. Michelle.

Some also accused Mexican authorities of racism, saying they would have investigated with more effort if the victim had been a white woman.

No one has been charged for Robinson’s death. The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with her funeral expenses.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

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