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Some minor news on the CRKT front: tomorrow the company will be dropping a new version of the Xolotl folder, a model in their Forged by War collection. The changes are minor but the new Xolotl Black does have a different flavor than its satin-finish predecessor.

Here’s a quick crash course on the Xolotl. It was a 2020 release, dropped alongside the rest of the ’20 catalog at the end of December 2019, whenthe dust from Christmas had settled. It was designed by Michael Rodriguez, who also created a fixed blade called the Tecpatl for CRKT back in 2017. Although clearly inspired by classic switchblade silhouettes, the Xolotl aimed for accessibility and legality with a manual-firing, single-edge 3.6-inch blade that straddled the line between tactical and everyday carry applications. It also fell into line with other entry-level CRKT models materials-wise, with handle scales made from humble, hard-working G-10 and 1.4116 for the blade steel.

All of the relevant specs and material choices are here on the Xolotl Black unchanged. As the name implies, it really comes down to the blade coating, which turns the aesthetic a little more into the tactical direction with that classic, fully blacked-out look. You could make the argument that the EDP coating helps keep rust away, which is certainly true on some level – although 1.4116 is not a metal that has much problem in that regard even uncoated.

The Xolotl Black announcement comes out of nowhere, following a recent announcement of a second batch of Squid IIs with carbon fiber scales. The first version of that limited edition sequel to Lucas Burnley’s memorable design dropped in August, and the response has been pretty warm indeed.

The Xolotl Black will be available tomorrow. As a Forged by War knife, a portion of the purchase price for the Xolotl goes towards the designer’s charity of choice – in this case, the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation.

Knife in Featured Image: CRKT Xolotl

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