Concealed Carry Pro Tip: Don’t Pack a Gun Around an MRI Machine

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MRI magnetic field warning sign

As the New York Post reports . . . “A Brazilian lawyer tragically died after his gun was discharged by an MRI machine’s magnetic field at the hospital.”

The freak accident occurred on January 16 while the gun-loving lawyer, named Leandro Mathias de Novaes, was taking his mother to get scanned at the Laboratorio Cura in São Paulo, Jam Press reported. Unbeknownst to hospital staff, the attorney had a registered firearm in his possession.

If you’ve ever had an MRI or been near and MRI machine, you’ve seen the signs warning everyone in the area that the device creates a powerful magnetic field and cautioning that all metal objects you may be carrying should be removed. Mr. Mathias de Novaes, who was legally carrying a firearm at the time, apparently ignored those warnings.

Staff had reportedly asked the pair to remove all metal objects before entering the MRI room, as is protocol at hospitals due to the device’s powerful magnetic field. However, Novaes decided to go in sans announcing his concealed weapon.

He chose…poorly.

Disaster struck after the machine yanked the weapon from his waistband, causing it to go off and strike the lawyer in the stomach. He was subsequently rushed to the São Luiz Morumbi Hospital, where he hung on for weeks, before eventually succumbing to his injuries on February 6.

Maybe he was carrying a plastic fantastic and figured it didn’t have enough metal in it to cause a problem. Maybe he just underestimated the strength of the magnetic field the machine creates. Either way, he found out the hard way why the immediate vicinity of an MRI is a designated gun-free zone for a very good reason.




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