Airspace Shutdown over Montana & Great Lakes – Multiple Objects Shot Down. Media Pushing UFO storyline!

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At least four so-called Unidentified flying objects have been shot down over the last week as airspace throughout the United States and Canada is reportedly being closed down to track what the media insists on calling UFOs. But how the hell did we get from Chinese spy balloons to the media seemingly trying to push the start of an alien invasion?

Back in 2020, during the height of the global COVID hysteria, we predicted that it was all conditioning for what was yet to come. In fact, we flat-out said that the next wave of fear would be when government/media officials tried to fake an alien invasion.

At 5:30PM last night the FAA closed down airspace over Montana for Defense Department activities.

Today, just hours ago airspace over the Great Lakes was shutdown as military fighter jets tracked an object flying near the Canadian U.S. border.

What are they “shooting” down?

On January 28th, green laser lights appeared to be shooting down from space over the Hawaiian Islands. The Subaru Telescope on Mauna Kea captured footage of the unusual sight with its livestreaming Subaru-Asahi Star Camera.

On February 3rd, the governor of Montana confirmed that video showing three massive explosions over Billings Montana was genuine video shot by a local resident. On February, 4th, the U.S. military shot down what they claim was a Chinese spy balloon off the Carolina coast.

On February 10th, the Pentagon confirmed that another object penetrated U.S. Airspace over Alaska and that they had shot it down. And that’s when the UFO propaganda started to pick up steam. According to ABC News, F-22 fighter pilots described the object as “cylindrical” and “silver-ish grey” and no sign the object had propulsion.

Then the media really started an all out blitz on trying to push the UFO story. How the hell did this go from balloons, to attempting to brainwash the public into thinking it is an alien invasion?

Yesterday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau started really pushing the UFO propaganda when he claimed that he ordered American fighter pilots to shoot down a UFO over Canada.

Around the same time, the Uruguayan Air Force reported that they were carrying out an investigation in the Province of Paysandú, in the west of the country, after receiving complaints about the sighting of flashing lights in the sky.

This morning, Chinese state media claimed the Chinese government was tracking a Unidentified flying object near Rizhao in China. They claimed the government was preparing to shoot it down.

And then around 1PM on February 12th, the U.S. military ordered an F-16 to shoot down another so called unidentified object flying at an altitude of 20,000 ft. over Lake Huron.

Then, at 7:15 EST on February 12th, Airforce General Glen David VanHerck told reporters that they could not rule out aliens.

But hey, I guess pushing a UFO invasion is easier than covering the giant cloud of polyvinyl chloride and toxic gas over Ohio that has likely contaminated hundreds of miles of farm fields and water.

The news comes as another high-level four-star U.S. Air Force General warns that war with China is coming by 2025 and as the World Health Organization is telling governments to to stockpile Radiological Meds in the event of a nuclear emergency!

While we believe most of this is likely all propaganda (and the UFO storyline if without a doubt fearmongering bullshit from government officials desperate to push a new round of lockdowns and fear), have no doubt that they are gearing up for the next CRISIS!!! As we witnessed during COVID, there are a lot of dumb fucking people who will not only believe everything they are told but will help push the panic and chaos into overdrive!

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