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In 2023 you will watch three massive stories unfold before your eyes. Humanity is emerging out of its 2020 chrysalis right now. What takes flight might be the most terrifying form of society we have ever seen.

The three stories that are playing out are the collapse of the Old System, war at large, and the rise of global tyranny AKA the New System.

This could be your final warning. So, take heed. Get prepared to be on your own and in 2023 prepare like you never have before.

Supply Chain Disruption

Why isn’t the supply chain getting fixed? Why are we still hearing about supply chain disruptions?

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That is because some parts are dying, some are changing, and some are under massive manipulation.

You Have Been WarnedIn 2023 you will continue to hear about “struggles in the supply chain” as the world goes through the greatest changes in its history.

We have issues with the mismanagement of COVID-19 lockdowns in China that are affecting manufacturing and shipping.

This has forced tens of thousands of Chinese out into the streets to protest the lockdowns and the CCP at large. In case you forgot, China makes everything! If they are busy with riots, lockdowns, and chaos like that things are going to get tough.


You Have Been WarnedWe are playing a game. It’s a game where we pretend, we are going to stop inflation but simultaneously printing billions of dollars over and over again.

Our monetary policy should have us in hyperinflation already, still, we are printing and pretending that we can keep inflation at bay.

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In 2023 this will continue. We will struggle to convince the world that the US dollar is worth anything. Too many dollars going after too few goods will continue to drive up the cost of everything.

Decline Of The Dollar

You Have Been WarnedFor the reasons listed above we are dealing with a steadily declining US dollar.

The rest of the world’s fiat currencies are falling apart, too, so we don’t see it as clearly.

However, the USD is failing.

For the first time in our lifetime, we are watching a coalition of powerful nations move away from the USD and its grip on the world financial systems.

While we can control the narrative and print as much paper fiat as we need to, we are entering a phase where other nations could step away form the dollar and do real harm by creating their own alternative economies.

Nations like Iran, Russia, China, and even India are working on that right now.

Fuel Shortage

You Have Been WarnedThe production of fossil fuels on the world stage is being frowned on by those who are convinced that fossil fuels are the largest contributor to modern day climate change.

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With the US scaling back on production and the Saudis following suit, it is clear that we will be facing a radically changing landscape on fuel production.

Costs of things like kerosene and diesel fuel have skyrocketed. The price of gasoline will continue to fluctuate wildly from limited production, war and rumors of war, and of course a growing desire to demonize fossil fuels.

Everything we have discussed to this point will lead to everything we will talk about in this section, or it has started already.


You Have Been WarnedIranian protestors have been quoted saying, “We will continue our revolution”.

And we will see this kind of language all over the world as the people are crushed more and more by oppressive governments who have less and less resources to divvy out to the people.

Civil War

Nations all around the world may not see a clear division between a despotic government and the people. In places like America the government has an iron grip and has convinced the people to take out their anger on one another.

This type of division will grow and grow as the people of the world grow more and more desperate in 2023.

World War

You Have Been WarnedA few weeks ago, a missile landed in Poland from the Russian Ukrainian war. For a few moments it seemed that NATO would have no choice but to respond militarily to Russia had it been a Russian missile.

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The longer this war lasts the greater the chance for a World War to start. Also, let’s not forget that China has its own plans that could do just the same. 2023 could be the year that China makes their move on Taiwan.


You Have Been WarnedOver the Thanksgiving weekend the US government “minted” the Fed Coin, which is the next step, the next chess move, to thwart the collapsing dollar. There is no shadier a time to release the shadiest currency of our time.

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This Fed Coin is going to not only be the NEW SYSTEMS answer to currency in the age of Bitcoin. It is also going to be the all seeing eye and the greatest controlling mechanism of global tyrants.

They will be able to control your every decision and punish you by not giving you access to your wealth that is held in their digital Fed Coin.

Climate Action

You Have Been WarnedIf you think you are going to be able to use your Fed Coin to buy something like a gas guzzling vehicle or anything, for that matter, that could negatively affect our planet, in the eyes of the climate tyrants, then you do not understand the power in Global Climate Action.

In Colorado in 2022 people had their thermostats hijacked and locked at 78 degrees.

We will see much of the same in all aspects of your freedoms. We are already seeing serious struggles in California power grid in charging the electric vehicles that were supposed to be the answer to vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

In 2023 more aspects of your life will be controlled in the name of climate action.

Artificial Intelligence

You Have Been WarnedThe growth and use of artificial intelligence will also have a massive impact on you in 2023.

I don’t think any of us know just how the powers that be will yield AI.

It will be a weapon of tyrants and we could even see that in 2023.

Whether you know it or not AI is already behind used by law enforcement. “AI algorithms can sort through  massive amounts of data to identify patterns.” (Source: The State of AI in Policing – Unite.AI)

Misinformation, Disinformation, Malinformation Policing

Maybe the most dominant force we will face off against in 2023 will be the policing of information. It’s a new battleground that has become increasingly volatile since COVID-19.

What is allowed to be said and what is allowed to be seen will be policed very closely on many social media platforms, news outlets, and many other means of getting a message to the public eye.

We will see a wider scope of censorship coming from a partnership of government and industry. We will also see greater penalties for those who dare speak out against it.

There has never been a better time to be a prepper. You have now been warned about what will come in 2023. It will be another year of things you simply cannot believe.

What are you gonna do about it?

Make 2023 a year you never forget for the sheer amount of prepping that you get done, too. The global tyrants are growing stronger by the day.

The only thing that can stop them are powerful individuals who embrace self-reliance and independence.

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