Widespread national shortage of Children’s Amoxicillin, Tylenol and Ibuprofen

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Amoxicillin, the first-line therapy for bacterial respiratory infections in children, can no longer be found in many areas throughout the United States thanks to the democrat party that has turned our country into a third-world nation that can no longer keep even the most basic of supplies on our shelves.

Pharmacists, who ignored the problem for the last three years in order to push useless government vaccinations, are now sounding the alarm bells after medications like children’s liquid amoxicillin, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen have become almost impossible to find.

The FDA posted a bulletin about the shortage on Oct. 2nd but has done almost nothing to help. In fact, experts are saying the problem will likely get worse as people begin to horde the medications when they do hit the shelf.

  • CVS Health has placed a two-product limit on all children’s pain relief products bought through its pharmacies or online.
  • Target has limited online purchases of drugs such as Tylenol, Advil and Motrin to just two per transaction.
  • Walgreens is limiting the purchases of over-the-counter pediatric medication.

As of the release of this article, CVS Target and Walgreens are out-of-stock of Children’s Tylenol online. Amazon has hiked the price of Children’s Tylenol all the way up to $41 dollars, with a delivery date pushed out over two weeks. These companies are PURE FUCKING EVIL!!! Never forget that they went along with the scam that got us here!

Our so-called leaders have turned us into a third-world nation where we can no longer find life-saving supplies and medication for our children because they spent three years pushing useless and dangerous vaccines instead of shoring up our supply lines.

The news comes as the same government leaders who pushed us into this mess with the COVID shutdowns are attempting to do it again! US officials said late Tuesday they were considering Covid entry restrictions on travelers from China after countries including Japan, Italy, and India introduced PCR testing on arrival for Chinese passengers.

Get Ready for more shortages and chaos!

Make sure you start stocking up on the essentials – and that does not mean toilet paper!

The first thing you need to do, is make sure you have your essentials covered. The essentials include water, shelter, food, sanitation, medications, and personal security. 

Take the lessons that you have hopefully learned over the last three years, and start planning for things to get worse, far worse! None of this was ever about a magic virus or pandemic, it was about killing your spirit, killing the American Dream, and enacting total control on the populous!

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