Why 24/7 Security System Monitoring Service Is Important?

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A security system can offer your home and family the protection they need. But there is more to it than the devices and control panel at your house – security system monitoring is an important part of providing the best security that is available.

Of course, you can install a simple system that only operates in the home. Beyond that, there are solutions for self-monitoring. Both of these options will enhance your security, but they also leave you unprotected in some very important ways.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Monitoring Services?

If you are shopping for a security system in Kentucky, you should put some serious thought to the idea of getting an alarm system with professional monitoring. Before you decide to install an alarm system that offers less protection, you should consider the following 6 reasons why you need professional monitoring with your security system.

  • 24/7 Protection
  • It Works When You are Away
  • Quick Emergency Response
  • You can Focus on Your Safety
  • Security on Your Phone
  • Panic Buttons

1. 24/7 Protection

A home alarm monitoring system will protect your home and family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With an unmonitored system, you need to hear the alarm go off and make the call for help yourself. That won’t do you much good if you are not at home. Furthermore, you could be in a situation where the alarm goes off and you can’t make the call right away.

Professional alarm monitoring guarantees that help will be contacted when your security system goes off. In the event of an alarm, you won’t have to worry about getting to a phone. Instead, you can focus on the safety of you and your family.

247 hours of security monitoring cornerstone protection
24/7 Security Monitoring Service

2. It Works When You are Away

One of the biggest flaws of unmonitored security systems is that someone has to hear the alarm and call for help. If you are at work or away for any other reason, there might not be someone to make the call. Your alarms could be going off, and there is a good chance there will be no response from the police or fire department.

With a monitored security system, it doesn’t matter if you are home or not. Security professionals are ready to act when an alarm is triggered. This level of protection ensures the appropriate response in the event of an emergency, and that can provide peace of mind when you are away from home.

3. Quick Emergency Response

As I mentioned in the previous section, an unmonitored system is dependent on the response of the homeowner. If the alarm is sounding and no one makes a call, there will be no response from the police or fire department. The sound might scare a burglar off, but they could keep robbing you. In the event of a fire, a simple alarm noise isn’t going to do anything to stop the damage.

With 24/7 security monitoring, you don’t have to worry about getting to a phone to make a call. Trained monitoring professionals have already evaluated the situation and they are contacting the appropriate emergency service.

4. You can Focus on Your Safety

Without professional security monitoring, you have to make the call when an intruder enters the home or when a fire occurs. When you have to take action yourself, it can increase the risk that comes with some of these events. If you are looking for your phone, you are not focused on the safety of your family.

When you have a home security system with professional monitoring, you don’t have to make the call yourself. Instead, you can focus on the safety and protection of your family. You won’t be thinking about how you need to call for help because you will know it is already on the way.

home security system with professional monitoring cornerstone protection
Home Security System With Professional Monitoring

5. Security on Your Phone

One of the best things about smart security systems is that they can connect with your phone to open up a wide range of features. This not only improves the security of your home, but it also makes the alarm system more convenient. Combine that with professional security system monitoring and you have the ultimate in-home security.

Along with sending signals to the monitoring professionals, the system can send alerts to your phone. You can also view your cameras when you are away. If you happen to see something or get an alert that needs a response, you can use the phone to send a signal to the monitoring center. Some systems also provide the ability to verify or cancel alarms from your phone.

6. Panic Buttons

Security system monitoring also opens up the possibility of getting a panic button for your home. If an emergency occurs without an alarm being tripped, you can use the panic button to alert the monitoring station. This is an option that is not available with simple alarm systems that have no monitoring.

You can have a key fob panic button that connects to your system wirelessly, but with the modern smart alarm systems, your phone can act as an additional panic button. This can offer an added level of protection when you are at home, and your phone could be used to send an alarm even when you are away.

Security System Monitoring From CornerStone Protection

As one of the leading security system installers in Kentucky, CornerStone Protection offers a range of smart systems that come ready for professional monitoring. Our systems can communicate through Wi-Fi, dedicated cellular connection and landline to provide your home with the protection it needs.

Contact CornerStone Protection for home and business security systems in Kentucky. Our security professionals are ready to consult with you and help you design a security system to meet your needs and your budget.


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