Garage doors are an essential aspect of any home and play a vital role in keeping your vehicles, tools, and belongings safe. It can be a major inconvenience and even a security issue when they stop working properly. Some garage door repairs are easy and can be done by a homeowner, but professionals should handle others.

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When should you call a professional Spring Hill garage door repairman?

When to Call Spring Hill garage door Technician

There are many reasons you may need to call a Spring Hill garage door technician, including

●      Broken Springs in Garage Doors

Maintenance for broken springs is a common garage door issue. They support most of the door’s weight, so it can get stuck or become unbalanced when broken. Fix broken springs promptly with the assistance of a professional technician to prevent a door from getting stuck or becoming unbalanced. If your springs need lubrication, you can handle them on your own. But, if you continue to hear strange noises or the springs are broken, call the Spring Hill garage door repairman.

●      Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Misaligned garage door tracks and springs can prevent your door from opening or closing properly. The tracks of your garage door are essential to its operation. If they’re bent or dented, they may need to be replaced—and if not straightened, problems with the alignment will only continue as time goes on, and further damage could result in total failure.


●      Frayed or Worn Cables

The cable provides the necessary tension and support to a door, so the whole system can break down if worn or frayed. Inspect your cables regularly to ensure they are in good condition. If you find any fraying or wear, replace them immediately so as not to compromise the safety and functionality of your garage door.

●      Unusual Noises

Unusual noises coming from your garage door are a sign that something may be wrong with it—and in some cases, major repair work will need to be done. Don’t take any chances; call in a professional immediately.

●      Slow Response Time

Check how responsive your garage door opener is to commands. Most units should open or close within seconds after you press the opener. If your door seems slow or jerky, it might be cause for concern. This could indicate that something is wrong with the door or the opener. You should have a professional check out what’s going on.

●       Malfunctioning Photo-Eye

Photo-eyes are sensors that monitor movement and help prevent accidents by redirecting the door if something is in its path as it closes. If the photo-eye is not adjusted correctly, it could prevent the door from closing. A photo-eye could malfunction if it gets dirty. Contact a professional if you clean dirt and debris off the eye but it still doesn’t function properly.


Your garage door is the largest moving part of your home, and any repair or service to it can be potentially dangerous. While some repairs may be relatively simple, it’s always best to hire a professional when dealing with the garage door. Call a Spring Hill garage door specialist if you need repair.