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Outdoor fountains can be beautiful to behold. From luxurious and elaborate to simplistically elegant designs, they can provide a special ambiance that serves well as the centerpiece to a garden or front yard. Aside from the aesthetic, there are actually many other benefits. The sound of running water creates a soothing tranquility conducive to relaxation while drowning out unpleasant noise from nearby streets. Plus, they are favorite hangouts for birds and other wildlife, which can provide a whole new element of natural beauty to the scene.

classic outdoor fountain

However, there are innumerable options to choose from, which can prove a dilemma for any homeowner seeking the ideal fountain for their garden or terrace. Fortunately, all fountains are not created equal; below you will find a variety of some of the most spectacular options.

The 4-Tier Rock Water Fountain with LED Lights

A fountain does not have to be colossal to be wondrous. This particular model blends well with the natural landscape as it resembles a natural rock foundation, cascading water pouring from alternating sides in a way that draws the eye and captures natural light. This particular fountain is a more subdued selection, well-suited for a backdrop of greenery. However, make sure that it is placed strategically to ensure that this earthen pillar remains the center of attention.

The Alpine Corporation Garden Fountain

This fountain is for those who prefer a more rustic design. Smaller than the Rock Water Fountain at 27 inches, it is limited to two tiers but resembles a pair of leveled wooden buckets topped with an old-school water pump. However, it is actually constructed from plastic with a bronze finish, so it will enjoy extensive longevity. This fountain can enjoy placement in a wide range of locations and is unobtrusive enough to serve well as a complement to other smaller fountains.

Mini Elements with Birds

The smallest fountain option yet, this ceramic model looks carved from stone, featuring a rectangular water base, and a square top-level resplendent with two birds. The water filters out beneath the birds and fills the basin, creating an idyllic image of beauty. The best part is that at just under a foot tall, the fountain is suitable for display on pedestals, tables, or other surfaces, making it a great addition to virtually any part of the yard or garden area.

Campania Girona Outdoor Fountain in Alpine Stone

If small is not your cup of tea, this large bowl fountain is sure to serve as an eye-drawing centerpiece in an outdoor area, or even inside your home. Keep in mind, however, that this ultra-dense cast concrete fountain weighs nearly 320 pounds, so plan accordingly when preparing for its arrival. Due to its appearance, it looks like it would enjoy the company of stone statues, and perhaps a backdrop of bushy plants or vines to complete the atmosphere it evokes.

modern outdoor fountain

John Timberland Tivoli Grey Ornate High Wall Fountain

Perhaps you are interested in a different style, one that will not take up a lot of space on your porch, patio, or garden. There are a wide variety of different types of fountains in virtually all shapes imaginable at your disposal. One style is the wall fountain, which, as implied by the name, is best suited as a wall adornment. A small spout beneath an intricate design emits a small stream into a waiting cup, which then disperses the water into the fountain base through three rivulets. This fountain not only looks elegant, but it can add a splash of panache to often overlooked walls, demonstrating that any space within a garden or patio can serve as the catalyst for aesthetic improvements.

Andalusia Wall Garden Fountain

Unlike the previous wall-mounted fountain, this gorgeous fountain is intended to rest against the base of the wall. The 55” tall back panel is a delectable combination of curves and straight lines, spilling water from a centric hole above a half-bowl. The overflow trickles into a wide basin, which is 30” deep. This fountain cohabitates perfectly with surrounding plants, forming a gorgeous oasis that is a pleasure to the eye and soothing to the soul.

Cavalli Fountain with Fiore Pond

This large fountain is an absolute delight. Rising to a height of seven feet, this resplendent fountain is the perfect old-school baroque centerpiece. The greatest features include the wide circular base, home to two wide tiers that stream rivulets of water into the pool from all sides, crowned with a pineapple finial at the top. This is a piece designed to mesmerize and serve as the focal point for any garden area. Once established, the other decor can serve to highlight this work of art, establishing the ultimate forum for relaxation and the appreciation of natural beauty.

Small Oblique with Ball Antique Fountain

A geometric wonder, this fountain is a work of modern art. The square base expands 32 square inches. Atop that square rises an inverted triangle with a square surface designed to catch the water that pours from the center of the sturdy circular ball that serves as the highest point of the 42” height. Don’t be fooled, this is a sturdy piece of art, weighing in at 417 pounds. This fountain is ideal to draw attention to a corner of the garden or an area out of the way where you can feature several other garden plants or accessories.

The Bottom Line

The types, shapes, and sizes of fountains are limited only by the imagination. When trying to decide which fountain you should choose for your outdoor area, first and foremost consider the atmosphere you wish to invoke for yourself and any visitors. Consider the space that you have available and whether or not a large fountain would create a claustrophobic feel, which detracts from the soothing quality the peaceful burble of water establishes. Look at what accessories you have, or those that you wish to acquire for your outdoor space and determine whether you want a singular eye-catching fountain, or perhaps a series of smaller choices around the perimeter. Whether a stone fountain or ceramic would make the space more inviting. Ultimately, the best type of outdoor fountain is the one that makes you happy.


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