What Can I Run With a 6kW Photo voltaic System?

You is likely to be shocked to search out out {that a} 6kW photo voltaic system can energy many on a regular basis home items. The typical 3 bed room Australian residence makes use of 22.45kW of electrical energy per day, whereas a 6kW photo voltaic system produces 24kW’s of energy on a median day.

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Which means utilizing a 6kW photo voltaic system will present sufficient power to run the typical residence, however what home equipment can it run?

Family home equipment you Can You Run With A 6kW Photo voltaic System?

With the 24kW per day produced by this method, you may run a bunch {of electrical} home equipment in a typical 4 bed room home.

Equipment Watts per  hour Avg. Hours used each day Complete


Lights for five bed room residence (10 x 7 Watt LED lights [60W equivalent per globe]) 70 6 420
2 x LCD televisions 60 5 300
2 x Laptops 200 6 1,200
Microwave 1500 0.3 450
Dishwasher 1800 1.5 2,700
Freezer 42 24 1,000
Fridge 35 24 900
Central Air conditioner 3200 3 9,600
Wifi 6 24 144
Washer 500 0.5 250
Garments Dryer 4000 0.3 1,050
Complete 18,000

How a lot energy does a 6kW photo voltaic system produce?

A typical 6kW photo voltaic PV system produces about 8,760 kWh of power annually, assuming 5 hours of peak solar per day. This is sufficient to energy many on a regular basis home items, together with your fridge, washer and dryer, air conditioners, and extra! Each day, the identical system produces between 19.1Kw to 29.1Kw (Common 24kW) relying on a number of components. A few of the primary points for photo voltaic output embody;


If you find yourself positioned issues in terms of photo voltaic. When you’re in an space with restricted sunshine, your system won’t produce as a lot energy as somebody in a sunnier spot. As an example, a 6Kw system in Melbourne produces 21.95 Kwh whereas the identical system in Brisbane will produce 27.36Kwh.

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The angle at which your photo voltaic panels are put in additionally impacts how a lot energy they’ll produce. In case your system is put in at a 90-degree angle, it can produce probably the most power. Nevertheless, when you can’t set up them at that angle for some purpose, putting in them someplace between 30 and 60 levels will nonetheless provide you with first rate energy. The angle of your roof additionally issues, but it surely received’t have an enormous influence on how a lot energy your system produces generally except you’re attempting to get the absolute best outcomes from each kilowatt-hour that’s produced.

Age of the System

Older photo voltaic methods received’t produce as a lot energy as newer ones as a result of the expertise has improved over time. When you have an older system, you may need to take into account upgrading as a way to get probably the most out of your photo voltaic funding.


The kind of inverter you even have issues in terms of how a lot energy your system produces. Some inverters are extra environment friendly than others, which means they’ll convert extra of the solar’s power into usable electrical energy. In case your inverter is under 95% environment friendly, you would see a drop in energy generated.


How effectively do you maintain your system? When you don’t keep it, the ability produced will likely be lower than what’s doable. Low voltage and excessive friction can decelerate how a lot power your panels produce.


If timber or buildings are close by which can be shading your photo voltaic panels, it can have an effect on how a lot energy they produce. The extra shade that’s forged in your system, the much less energy it can generate.

Is a 6Kw photo voltaic system appropriate for you?

Typically, a photo voltaic system sized appropriately to your wants will likely be extra environment friendly and produce extra energy than one that’s too massive or too small. A system that’s sized appropriately to your residence may even take into consideration shading, roof orientation, and different components just like the age of your system. Essentially the most crucial a part of figuring out if a photo voltaic PV system is nice for you is to precisely assess how a lot energy your own home makes use of through the daytime. This can provide help to decide if a system sized appropriately to your wants or a barely bigger one can be the best choice for you.

A photo voltaic system can run many home equipment in your average-sized residence with out concern if it isn’t overused. Examine your energy consumption for the final 12 months to discover a shut estimation of the equipment energy ranking. With an approximate record of wattages, it’s now doable to conclude what a photo voltaic PV system can run in a median residence. A great mixture of home equipment will usually not exceed the 5000 wattage output each day. Something over that quantity, and also you may want to analyze additional or improve your system.

A kWh is a unit of power equal to a one-kilowatt hour; this might provide you with an thought of your common each day energy utilization for the 12 months. As well as, it may assist house owners decide which home equipment are most necessary and will have precedence throughout use. A typical instance can be freezers that have a tendency to empty much more energy. One other instance of a excessive drain equipment is an electrical dryer, which makes use of about the identical quantity as turning on all of your lights for twenty-four hours straight or operating your air conditioner continuous for 12 hours.

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