According to a survey, people in Melbourne aged 20 to 29 spend five to seven hours a week inside the kitchen, cooking their favourite meals. Having an aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional kitchen is essential if you love cooking. One way of beautifying your kitchen is paying attention to the benchtops, where you keep your cooking appliances and food items and accommodate your sink, stove, etc. Although you can choose various materials for it, most people opt for stone benchtops Melbourne because they are low maintenance, highly functional, and give your kitchen a sophisticated and elegant look.

stone benchtop

Here are some advantages of choosing a stone for your benchtops.

Stone is naturally resistant to acids in foods

Stone is naturally resistant to minerals and acids. It will prevent your stone benchtop overlay from wearing down as quickly as other surfaces or materials, which can benefit you if you use it for many years. A stone such as granite has also been found to be more durable than materials such as wood, tiles, or concrete. It is an ideal option for kitchens with children around! It’s easier to care for because of its natural resistance against harsh chemicals and cleaning methods and its ability to withstand high temperatures without damage. Even though some households in Melbourne use wood countertops, most prefer stone overlays because they don’t cause problems usually associated with wood, like cracking, scratching, discolouring, and splitting.

It’s easier to clean

Stone is a natural material, so it’s easier to care for than other surfaces and easy to clean and maintain. If you have a stone benchtop overlay installed in your kitchen or bathroom, you can use a damp cloth to clean the surface when it gets dirty. You don’t need special tools or equipment. Even if something breaks while you’re using your stone benchtop overlay (like a bowl breaking), the company can replace it immediately, so there’s no delay in getting back into your routine.

granite kitchen island

Stone overlays serve multiple purposes

Since stone sits well on any surface, it’s possible to use it for multiple purposes. For example, a stone countertop can be used as an island or peninsula in your kitchen. To give your kitchen a modern and sleek look, consider adding some decorative concrete floors as well. They’re also perfect for making small spaces feel bigger! The average size of a kitchen in Melbourne, and various cities in Australia as well, is about 4.2 meters x 3.4 meters, with 600 millimetres being the benchtop’s depth. A stone countertop combined with a concrete floor will make your kitchen look bigger than it already is.

They are highly aesthetic

The warm colour tones will perfectly complement whatever materials are added to your kitchen décor. Beautiful white cabinets against dark granite tiles work very well together aesthetically (as long as there aren’t too many other items around).

How to choose an installation company?

You should choose a company that guarantees 15 years and offers a free payment plan for at least 12 months. You should inquire if they provide laser templating, allowing you to use your kitchen as usual until the installation day. Another thing you should ask is whether they would arrange the tradespeople or handypersons to handle the entire process, including the cabinet maker, stone mason, plumber, electrician, tiler, etc. It is better if they arrange these services because it will make the process incredibly convenient and even cheaper. For instance, hiring a tiler separately in Melbourne will cost you between 75 AUD to 120 AUD per square meter. In contrast, it will cost you significantly less to hire a company that includes their services as part of their installation package. These are some advantages of choosing stone benchtops in Melbourne. They are easy to maintain, highly resistant to acid and other substances, and lend your kitchen a sophisticated and elegant appeal.