Webroot Antivirus and Malware Protection Review

Many antivirus software programs scan your computer once a day. Webroot scans on the hour, every hour, just in case anything sneaks by its protections. You’d think this would slow down your computer, but you probably won’t notice a difference when Webroot scans in the background.

Scans take just a few minutes each. During testing, our initial scan took less than two minutes, which is wild since our test computer has a massive amount of files on it.

A test by independent testers AV-Test found that Webroot detected 98.9% of malware. Most of its competitors tested at around 99% or higher, so Webroot could be better. It did much worse on zero-day attacks and internet threats, catching only 66.5%.

That AV-Test review was done back in 2019, and they haven’t done another one. There’s a possible reason for that. Webroot SecureAnywhere internet security now has a protection system that isn’t compatible with most independent testing.

It monitors new programs that it doesn’t recognize, making sure that the program doesn’t execute anything that may cause permanent damage to your computer. After Webroots analyzes the program’s actions, it determines if the program is malicious. If it thinks it’s malicious, it gets rid of it and any changes it made to your device.

Most antivirus programs zap potential problems right away. Webroot’s wait-and-see approach gives it potentially artificially low scores.

To determine Webroot’s overall effectiveness, we need to see what real users are reporting. And it’s not great. Some users report that Webroot missed threats to their computers.

The reviews from users got us thinking about how our initial scan only took less than two minutes. Is Webroots sacrificing thoroughness for speed and missing well-hidden creepers that may lead to malware attacks, cyber threats and more?

We decided to do a test. We first ran a scan with Webroot’s close competitor, Malwarebytes. The program scanned over 307,000 items and took around nine minutes. Next, we scanned with Webroot. Webroot’s scan took a little under a minute and only scanned around 50,000 items. We can see why Webroots is so fast and why it may miss some threats.

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