WaterBrick vs AquaBrick – Which is the Best Water Storage Solution?

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AquaBrick and WaterBrick provide effective solutions to the problem of long-term water storage. They’re both designed as stackable water storage containers and are small enough to transport in an emergency, but which is the best? 

When we reviewed the WaterBrick, we were pretty impressed by its design and durability, so how does the AquaBrick compare, and which product offers the most bang for your buck?

Comparison Table: WaterBrick vs AquaBrick




9″ W x 18″ L x 6” H


High-density, High-impact Polyethylene Plastic


High-density, High-impact Polyethylene Plastic



9″ W x 18″ L x 6” H


High-density, High-impact Polyethylene Plastic



High-density, High-impact Polyethylene Plastic



Despite having the same dimensions, the WaterBrick manages to hold half a gallon more than the AquaBrick. Both bricks measure 9″ W x 18″ L x 6” H, yet the WaterBrick holds 3.5 gallons, and the AquaBrick just 3.

The WaterBrick’s larger capacity has obvious advantages, giving you more water per square inch of storage space. On the other hand, it makes it around 4 lbs heavier than the AquaBrick, making it harder to transport.

Winner – WaterBrick

Size matters, which is why the WaterBrick wins this category.


Both the WaterBrick and AquaBrick are made of high-density, high-impact polyethylene plastic. They can withstand the type of rough treatment that sees recycled milk bottles buckle under pressure. 

Neither one of these products is going to leak unless you fail to screw the lid shut correctly. In that respect, AquaBrick has the advantage. 

Its cap stands proud of the container itself, making it easier to access. The WaterBrick’s cap is nestled between two molded shoulders, making it difficult to get a firm grip on. 

Winner – Tie

If either one’s going to leak, it’s probably going to be the WaterBrick, but only through user error, which is why its a tie in this category.  

Ease of Use 

AquaBrick (2)

With the screw cap being tricky to get to grips with, the WaterBrick is already at a disadvantage. It has a couple of other design flaws that also work against it. 

The molded shoulders of the brick catch water that should be streaming from the opening, forcing you to shake the container to get the last drops of water out. 

The AquaBrick’s superior design is smoother, and the screw cap is easier to access. It’s also situated so that most of the water can flow out naturally rather than getting caught in the corners and needing to be shaken out. 

The AquaBrick’s integrated molded handle means you can pour water one-handed, while the WaterBrick frequently requires two hands.

With the screw cap situated towards the bottom of the AquaBrick, you can access most of the water without tipping the container up. Even with a spigot attached, WaterBrick will only release around half its water before it needs tilting. 

Neither product is particularly easy to clean. The WaterBrick has internal plastic molded pillars that strengthen the overall structure but restrict access, while the AquaBrick’s molded handles are almost impossible to access. 

Winner – Aquabrick

The AquaBrick is a better product when it comes to ease of use. You can get water out more easily and secure the cap more effectively.



Although the design of these two products is very similar, the AquaBrick has the edge. The integrated handles make it more comfortable to carry than the WaterBrick, while the more streamlined design makes it easier to access the water inside. 

The thickness of the plastic used to create the WaterBrick varies from section to section, and the walls are surprisingly thin, approximately half the thickness of the AquaBrick. The AquaBrick has a more uniform and robust design and is  ⅛” thick throughout. 

Winner – Aquabrick

This feature gives AquaBrick a slight advantage over the WaterBrick, which is enough to secure a win in this category. 


Torture test

The WaterBrick looked pretty durable when they dropped it out of an airplane, but other tests prove it’s not quite as robust as it seems. 

A single WaterBrick thrown from a height of around 7 feet soon dents and cracks. When hitting off a counter onto a concrete floor, it springs a serious leak.

From watching the torture test in the video above, it becomes clear that the WaterBrick isn’t that resilient on its own. It needs other Waterbricks strapped to it if it’s to compete with AquaBrick.

Where the WaterBrick cracks under pressure, the AquaBrick keeps its cool, shrugging off the worst abuse and coming out the other side unblemished. 

Winner – Aquabrick

The structural pillars inside the WaterBrick don’t appear to offer the same durability as the AquaBrick’s sturdier construction and superior design.



The WaterBrick and AquaBrick share the same dimensions and are both designed to be stacked like lego bricks, so they take up less space.

Winner – Tie

Both are equally effective, making it a tie in this category. 


Although the WaterBrick’s handle is sturdy and feels comfortable in the hand, it can also fall off and become damaged or broken.

It’s held on by a couple of wires, making it far less durable than the integrated handles of the AquaBrick. The AquaBrick also boasts two handles instead of one, so you can choose how to carry it. 

Another consideration when it comes to mobility is weight, but with the WaterBrick weighing 2.52 lb and the AquaBrick 2.36 lb, there’s very little to distinguish the two.

Winner – Aquabrick

The AquaBrick’s superior handle gives it another advantage, making it the winner once again.  


Prices of both items vary, but as a general rule of thumb, the AquaBrick is more expensive.

Having seen its performance in the other categories, however, I’d still argue that it offers the best value for money, but the WaterBrick wins this category based on it being the most cost-effective water storage solution. 

Winner – WaterBrick


AquaBrick (3)

Both AquaBrick and WaterBrick manufacture spigots or water dispensers that you can buy as additional add-ons to make using their products easier.

However, the AquaBrick goes several steps further, producing a water purification system that can filter half a gallon of water per minute. This accessory enables you to safely harvest water from streams and lakes and then store it for later use.

Another accessory that makes the AquaBrick even more versatile is the AquaFunnel. This add-on is designed to reduce the mess and hassle of pouring dry goods into the container.

Both the WaterBrick and AquaBrick can be used to store food, as well as water, but only the AquaBrick has a special funnel to make the process simpler. 

Winner – Aquabrick

AquaBrick is thinking out of the box and, in doing so, has secured itself another win.


Category AquaBrick WaterBrick
Size Loser Winner
Leakage Tie Tie
Ease of Use  Winner Loser
Design Winner Loser
Durability Winner Loser
Storage Tie Tie
Transportation Winner Loser
Price Loser Winner
Accessories Winner Loser
Verdict Winner Loser


Both the WaterBrick and AquaBrick offer robust solutions to the problem of storing water. 

If you’re looking to save a few dollars, the WaterBrick is a good option, especially if you value capacity over durability. 

The Aquabrick is, however, a superior product. Not only is it easier to use, but it’s also more durable, easy to transport, and more versatile.

Our Winner

AquaBrick – 6 Pack

In our opinion, the AquaBrick is a superior product. Not only is it easier to use, but it’s also more durable, easy to transport, and more versatile.


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