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Vietnam’s VinFast has big plans to become an electric vehicle production giant, including wedging out its place in the markets of Europe and the United States. For anyone who was skeptical about the effort, a couple of new partnerships indicate that VinFast is indeed entering these markets and focused on attracting customers. (For anyone skeptical about VinFast achieving what Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia did in decades past, well, that’s a much bigger topic and a question that is up for debate until it happens or not.)

VinFast Financing & Leasing from U.S. Bank

Over on this side of the Atlantic, VinFast has just partnered with U.S. Bank. U.S. Bank is now VinFast’s “preferred provider of retail financing and leasing of VinFast vehicles in the United States.” So, get ready, you’ll be able to lease or finance a VinFast EV soon!

“With the goal to make electric vehicles accessible to everyone, VinFast is constantly looking for optimal solutions for customers. Thanks to this agreement, VinFast customers will have access to competitive finance and lease rates and world-class customer service from U.S. Bank,” said Madam Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vingroup Vice Chair and CEO of VinFast Holdings.

Whether you go in through a VinFast store (in California at the moment, or coming soon to a town near you) or the VinFast website, you’ll be funneled to U.S. Bank when it comes time to pay (unless you’re paying in cash).

“Many Americans will purchase their first electric vehicle this year and we are excited to expand our presence in making EV ownership a reality through our relationship with VinFast,” said John Hyatt, Executive Vice President, U.S. Bank, Dealer Services. “Through financing and leasing with U.S. Bank, VinFast customers will enjoy a secure, digital-first experience that takes just minutes.”

VinFast Charging in Europe with E.ON Drive

The first VinFast stores will be in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. The news is that they will include AC and DC charging stations, and that will be with thanks to new partner E.ON Drive.

“Under the agreement, both companies will work hand in hand on the rollout of internal charging points for service centers as well as customer charging stations at VinFast’s retail network across France, Germany, and the Netherlands,” VinFast wrote in an announcement. “With the joint aim of making e-mobility easy and accessible for customers, E.ON Drive will develop and execute tailor-made charging infrastructure for all VinFast Stores. In the first phase, approximately 200 AC and DC (150 kW) charging points are planned, with private and public charging access.”

At the moment, VinFast has stores in Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Oberhausen, Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam — 13 of them. And in the Netherlands, the first charging stations have already been installed, through E.ON subsidiary Vandebron.

“We look forward to supporting VinFast as a promising player in the fast-growing EV market as it enters and builds up in Europe. With the E.ON Drive charging solutions, we are making it radically simple for customers to drive and charge, starting from the first point of contact at VinFast locations,” says Mr. Mathias Wiecher, CCO of E.ON Drive.

Thing are happening with VinFast. Stay tuned.



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