Vero Engineering Slides into Slipjoint Scene with the Neuron

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During our Readers’ Choice Awards, one name that came up quite often in the discussion was the Vero Engineering. An after-hours project for designer Joseph Vero, it quickly gained attention and drew in accolades for its technical, trend-conscious take on EDC; and a fresh batch of Vero’s first slipjoint design, the Neuron, just arrived with Urban EDC Supply.

With the Neuron, Vero leapt confidently into the “modern slipjoint” genre, a category that has beguiled the knife community, such that even big production outfits like Benchmade and Kershaw have tried their hand at it. The Neuron foregoes the traditional backspring slipjoint construction, opting instead for a double detent system. This choice means that the Neuron’s sheepsfoot blade can be opened with a flipper, as well as in the usual two-hand nail mark manner. A cutting edge length of 2.75 inches makes the Neuron widely legal and widely capable, sacrificing little if anything in terms of common daily cutting capability compared to larger knives. M390 blade steel delivers upper tier performance, and you can choose between four different finishes in this Urban EDC Supply drop: stonewash, blackwash, hand satin, or belt satin.

The four different flavors of Neuron available at Urban EDC Supply

The blade’s strong lines are echoed in the three planed facets of the Neuron’s handle. This sculptered look helps it to fill the hand, too, and the ergos are further bolstered by a deep finger groove under the guard to keep your grip in place. Urban EDC Supply always pays special attention to the aesthetic side of EDC with their collaborations, so the scales on these particular Neurons are made from solid brass. That means they can develop a patina over time, giving each knife a character completely unique to itself and its user. Of course, brass is heavier than G-10 or titanium, but if you’re worried about added weight, don’t fret too much; thanks to a generally smallish design and titanium liners, the Neuron weighs a reasonable 3.7 oz.

The Neurons dropped on Urban EDC Supply’s site yesterday, and are currently still available – but may not stay that way for long, so consider this your PSA if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

Knife in Featured Image: Urban EDC Supply Neuron


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