Windows, something that every property has, and something every property needs to dress. Curtains are a popular, and default choice for this job, but did you know that AAA plantation shutters are one of the oldest styles of window dressings known to mankind? The reason they are still around and used to this day is due to the many benefits they add to a property.

plantation shutters

Let us explore the top benefits of installing plantation shutters in your home.

Controlling temperature

One of the many benefits of installing shutters on the windows of your property is their ability to insulate well. In the warmer summer months, they will block out the strong sun rays and heat, while also allowing ventilation and airflow through your property. And during the cooler, windier winter months, they help trap the heat inside and keep a large portion of any drafts at bay.

Reducing allergies

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from bad allergies, then you know that anything that can gather dust will also attract large amounts of allergens over time. If you have curtains you will probably have seen in the sunlight when you open them, all of the dust and allergens flying from the curtains and into the air. However, with shutters they have easily accessible and wipe-clean surfaces, making them much easier to clean and maintain, reducing the amount of dust and allergens within your home.

plantation shutters in living room


Trying to find a set of curtains that you like the style, color and material of can be often a long and frustrating task as you have to ensure all the criteria fit together. With shutters, you eliminate this stress as they can be tailor-made to fit almost any window space imaginable. It doesn’t matter if you have large, rectangular, mansion-style windows that span across a living room, or small little round portholes peeking out of a cottage.

Controlling ambient light

Again, when comparing shutters to curtains and the control of ambient light there is a clear advantage to choosing shutters over curtains. With shutters, you have a greater and more intricate way of manipulating any light coming into your home as you have control over each section of your shutters. You can choose with each section exactly how much light to let through and therefore easily control the amount of ambient light that you have entering your home.


Shutters are made to last due to the materials they are constructed from. Over time curtains can become damaged due to wear and tear, the material fraying, or accidentally pulling too hard when opening or closing them. Shutters on the other hand are much more sturdy and less likely to become damaged, even in the event of accidents due to their sturdiness and higher design standards compared to flimsy blinds. There are many other benefits to having shutters over curtains or even blinds. So, if you are considering dressing your windows, why not think about installing some shutters?