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new 2023 CRKT knives

It’s a new year and that means new knives.

Nearly all of the major brands announced their new lineups for the year, and now it’s time to play catch-up on some knives we’re most excited for this year.

While I haven’t spent an extended time with all of these knives, I was able to get my hands on all of the knives at Shot Show 2023 in Las Vegas this year.

You can see the full list of all new CRKT 2023 knives this year at their website, but these are the 10 that caught our attention the most out of the more than 20 announced.

CRKT Squid Compact

The Squid has been one of the mainstays of the CRKT lineup. For years, it existed as one of the best little big knives available. However, CRKT and Lucas Burnley have slowly built out variations that range from an assisted-opening version to the larger CRKT Squid XM.

This year, CRKT went all in with compact versions of its knives, including the Squid Compact.

This tiny knife has a 1.75-inch assisted-opening flipper blade with a stonewashed steel handle. You’d think it would be too small, but it feels good in the hand.

CRKT Razel

Jon Graham has collaborated with CRKT quite a bit to bring his unique chisel-like blade profile to the masses. This year, he has a few designs, including the Razel.

This EDC fixed blade is based on an original design and features a 2.97-inch D2 blade with resin-infused fiber handle.

CRKT Provoke EDC

The Provoke has been one of the most innovative opening mechanisms to hit the market in the past decade. However, all of the models are styled after karambits that may be too aggressive for some. That’s why Joe Caswell and CRKT made this EDC version.

Instead of a hawkbill blade, the Provoke EDC has a 2.56-inch D2 drop-point blade with a blue aluminum handle. The Kinematic opening mechanism works as great as ever.

CRKT Onion Throwing Knives

As far as I can remember, CRKT nor Ken Onion have ever made a dedicated throwing knife. That changes this year.

This three-piece set looks to be a solid entry for both beginners and experts alike. They are 11.66 inches long and fit into a belt loop carry sheath.

I am not too fond of the red paint splatter, but I know these are going to be very popular.

CRKT Razel Nax

There are six Razel models now, but the Razel Nax is probably the most unique. It’s half chisel knife, half axe.

The whole thing is 11 inches long with a 4.29-inch 1075 carbon blade. The resin-infused handle is long enough to offer a few positions for holding it. That means you can do finer tasks or old-fashioned hacking if needed.


Whereas most CRKT knives keep getting smaller and smaller, the Pilar keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The latest entry into the Pilar series is the Pilar IV with a 3.09-inch D2 clip point blade. It is very similar to the best-selling Pilar III but with slight modifications.

CRKT Bamboozled

On first glance, you might think this is a Ken Onion knife, and you’d be partially right.

The Bamboozled is Kenny Onion Jr.’s first knife for CRKT. This is a worthy first entry into the knife production world for the son of the great Ken Onion.

It has a 3.34-inch D2 steel blade with a G-10 handle and stainless steel bolster.

CRKT CEO Microflippers

I’m lumping this into one group, but there are two pretty different CEO Microflippers coming out this year.

CEO Microflipper

The CEO Microflipper is essentially the CEO Flipper condensed down even smaller than the CEO Compact.

It has a 12C27 Sandvik blade that’s only 2.36 inches long with a silver aluminum handle that’s nicely textured.

This one leans into the old doctor’s knife that Richard Rogers originally based the CEO on.

CEO Microflipper Sheepsfoot

Side by side, these knives look very different. The average person probably couldn’t tell they’re just variations of one another. This model is a bigger departure from the originals though with a 2.21-inch Wharncliffe blade and bright blue aluminum handles with silver liner.

This one would make a great work utility knife that clips easily into a shirt pocket.


Ken Onion is back with another knife this year as well. This model sees one of his customs brought back from the grave as a production model.

I was going to give Onion some grief with the name because he’s never had a good reputation with naming his knives (Hootenanny and Leek, I’m looking at you!), but the Jake was named after one of his longtime fans apparently.

This knife is reminiscent of the Kershaw Blur with a 3.32-inch blade and rounded aluminum/G-10 handle.


Perhaps one of the most intriguing models this year is the CRKT LCBK (and the Definitive).

I didn’t get a chance to use one yet because it’s coming soon, but it has all the right stuff. It’s one of the first CRKT knives to use a Crossbar Lock, and it’s design is based off Matthew Lerch’s well-received CRKT LCK.

But the real thing that makes this knife interesting is that it’s made in the United States of America. That’s right, it’s a (production?) CRKT made in the USA.

It has a price of $215 right now, but it’s unclear whether the street price will be lower when released.

Either way, it’s a good sign that CRKT is moving some things to the states.


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