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Tyre Nichols died three days after violently resisting his January 7, 2023 arrest by the Memphis police department. This past Friday, video of that arrest was released. Now five Memphis police officers have been fired and are facing charges of murder. Not that it should matter, but the five officers as well as Nichols are all black.

The death of Nichols has become highly politicized, and the general public is having the usual emotional reaction to the just-released video of yet another bad outcome use-of-force event. Judging by the last day’s worth of social media, much of the internet believes absolutely that the released video provides incontrovertible proof that the death of Nichols was nothing but a vicious murder.

In this LIVE show, airing Sunday, Jan. 29 at 2 PM ET, we set aside emotion, review the facts as revealed by the released video, and apply actual legal principles–rather than emotion–to ask the following question:

Does it seem likely that the death of Nichols was, beyond a reasonable doubt, murder at the hands of the charged officers?

Spoiler: the answer is NO.


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