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Installing security cameras is like extending your eyes and ears. With a security camera, you can see more and hear better. It’s, in fact, the most common modern surveillance system. A good security camera sits silently on higher ground while watching things unfold beneath it, just like an owl. That brings us to Night Owl security camera. And on this article, we will take a closer look into the best wired Night Owl security cameras.

Night Owl brand first hit the market more than 10 years ago. Based in Florida, it quickly became one of the biggest brands in the US. Knowing its quality and versatility, this should come as no surprise. Night Owl designs all of its security cameras with customers in mind. Therefore, their products offer user-friendly quality at affordable prices.

After ensuring the satisfaction of its customers in North America, Night Owl is not available worldwide. Wherever you are in the world, Night Owl can reach you. Whether it is to monitor your store or to protect your house from intruders, Night Owl will be there for you.

Night Owl offers plenty of security camera options. Browsing through each one of them can be a chore. So, we come up with our own Night Owl security camera reviews. We pick 6 of the best security cameras Night Owl has to offer. We dig into its key features and list the product’s pros and cons. This should help you decide which of the Night Owl’s products will be the extension of your eyes and ears. Let’s take a look at your options!

Wired Infrared Night Owl Security Cameras

Night Owl Wired Infrared Cameras come with 1080p video quality. Every picture recorded is crystal clear. You can see all details even up to 100 feet away. With this feature, no thieves and burglars can hide from your sight. Night Owl’s camera has good security features because the sensor technology is very sophisticated.

Anyone who passes can be recorded properly. The sensors on the camera can distinguish people, animals, and vehicles passing. So, no need to worry about the alarm sounding off just because it catches bugs or raindrops. The alarm will only go off if there’s really a threat.

With this camera, you can see clearly and perfectly due to its wide viewing angle. As one of the best wired Night Owl security cameras, this has advantages in recording well with no delay. With all the advantages provided, the price is relatively affordable. In fact, all Night Owl products are mostly half the price of most available in the market.


  • All of its 4 cameras come with 1080p video quality
  • It’s equipped with infrared cameras
  • It can record up to 100 feet away
  • Features Smart Detection Security System
  • 100o viewing angle, wider than most security cameras
  • Remote monitoring available through devices
  • Every purchase comes with an 8-channel DVR
  • 1TB built-in hard drive for extra file storage
  • It’s compatible with the Night Owl HD app, which is available for free on App Store and Play Store
  • Its materials are IP65 weatherproof rated


  • The setup can be challenging for some.

Night Owl 2 Pack Add–On Heat Based Motion Detection

Ensure your house security even when you’re outside with this camera. Night Owl 2 Pack Add–On Heat Based Motion Detection is a great choice. Weighing 3.7 pounds, this product offers a good deal for two cameras. It’s equipped with superior sophisticated safety features. It records images and videos clearly day and night. Each image is crystal clear with a video quality of 1080p. Another plus, we can see things up to 100 feet away.

Not to mention that the sensor technology this camera has is very good. Sensors can check whoever comes to our home. This sensor will detect movement and temperature changes as people, animals, and vehicles pass. However, the alarm sensor will not be affected by raindrops or insects around the lens. The alarm will go off only if there’s a suspicious and dangerous movement. With these advantages, the use of hard disk memory becomes very efficient. Overall, these are very good quality products at an affordable price. Being user friendly is the main feature for these wired Night Owl security cameras.


  • It consists of 2 cameras with 1080p video quality
  • Each is equipped 12 infrared LED lights for better night vision footages
  • You can view up to 100 feet away
  • Features Night Owl’s dual sensor technology. It detects both movement and temperature.
  • 100o viewing angle, perfect for house monitoring
  • Remote monitoring is available through the mobile app
  • It’s made of IP65 weatherproof rated materials


  • Connection issues may occur in some products.

Night Owl Security Bullet Cameras

The round and précised tubular design of this camera catch our attention right away. Night Owl Security Bullet Camera comes with a 3-axis mounting bracket that is vandal-proof. It can be mounted securely on the walls, ceilings, or roof beams.

The advanced technology features of this camera make it worth buying. It’s compatible with any analog DVR. The images and footages recorded are very sharp. Also, there’s no delay thanks to the Auto IR Cut Filter technology. And with additional sensor technology, you will be notified when someone is approaching your home. This sophisticated sensor can distinguish between humans, animals, and vehicles.

The viewing angle of this camera is very wide. And you can see from up to 100 feet away. Last but not least, the quality of the video produced in 1080p resolution. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best wired Night Owl security cameras.


  • It’s great for both indoors and outdoors
  • You’ll get 2 cameras with 1080p video quality
  • It has 12 infrared LED lights with IR cut filter
  • View up to 100 feet away
  • Features Night Owl’s dual sensor technology (movement and temperature)
  • 100o viewing angle
  • With secured wired connection
  • Remote monitoring is available through the mobile app


  • It’s mostly made of plastic materials.

Night Owl Wired Security Dome Camera

Home or office security is incomplete without Night Owl Wired Security Dome Camera. This camera can record sounds clearly up to 20 feet away. It’s as if you can hear the burglars’ evil attention from afar. Besides, the advanced technology features make this camera worth a great addition to your home security.

The camera is designed to be durable, making it suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You can install it on the ceiling or wall. The superiority of the footages is undoubtedly, very sharp and clear. Thieves won’t be able to hide as they can be seen from 100 feet away.

The sensor technology is sophisticated. It can distinguish threats from regular surrounding activities. When it comes to the price tag, it’s very affordable. Everything you need to install the camera is included in every purchase.


  • Each image comes with 1080p video quality
  • It’s equipped with 12 infrared LED lights
  • It’s audio enabled
  • It records clearly up to 100 feet away
  • Features facial recognition system
  • 100o viewing angle helps you monitor better
  • It’s DVR compatible, you can purchase them as add-on cameras
  • No monthly subscription fees


  • Nothing significant. This is a great product.

Night Owl 4K Ultra HD Wired Security System

Safety is important. With the latest technology, we can monitor our house easily through our smartphone. Night Owl provides solutions for people who want to buy security cameras at affordable prices. Get 8 security cameras in once purchase with Night Owl 4K Ultra HD Wired Security System.

Night Owl is a well-known security camera manufacturer. It’s one of the leading brands in America with high customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it or get a refund. The process is easy and free of shipping charges.

All 8 cameras are compatible with the NVR Smart Security System. The video quality is sharp and clear with a resolution of 4 times 1080p (equivalent to 2MP). Even in low light conditions, you can still see clearly up to 100 feet away. This is made possible by the L2 Color Boost Technology.

Thanks to Rapid Image Detection Technology™ (RID), this sophisticated camera can distinguish suspicious movements from those that are not. So, the sensor will not go off just because there’s a bug around the camera. Every time suspicion is detected, the system will immediately send a notification directly to your smartphone.


  • Each purchase consists of 8 cameras with 2MP video quality (4K Ultra HD)
  • Features L2 Color Boost Technology
  • It has 12 infrared LED lights
  • Features Rapid Image Detection Technology (RID)
  • View up to 100 feet away
  • 100o viewing angle
  • Features NVR Smart Security System
  • It’s equipped with 2TB pre-installed hard drive
  • Remote monitoring is available through a free mobile app


  • The refund is only applicable to several cases.

Night Owl Dual Sensor Wired Infrared Camera

Protect your house while you’re traveling or simply on the move. Protection and security are provided through the clearest image quality this camera has. Night Owl Dual Sensor Wired Infrared Camera offers 3MP resolution. This is higher than most cameras, even wired Night Owl security cameras. This alone should convince you to click on the “Buy Now” button.

This camera is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. From an 80o viewing angle, see detailed images up to 130 feet away. Stop thieves and burglars with sophisticated sensors. The dual sensor technology can detect any suspicious movement. It can distinguish humans, animals, and vehicles through movements and temperature. When something is off, it will send a notification straight to your devices.


  • Get 2 cameras at one purchase
  • Each offers 3MP video quality, this is higher than most security cameras
  • You can see clear and crisp details up to 130 feet away
  • Features PIR Sensor
  • 80o viewing angle
  • Features IR Cut Filter for better images, especially the night vision
  • The bracket features vandal-proof wire camera protection
  • Remote monitoring is available through the mobile app


  • It only works with DVR that supports 3MP resolution (most DVR only supports 1080p).

Benefits of wired Night Owl security cameras

There’s no doubt that security cameras offer tons of benefits to their users. Besides the obvious, security, there are several other benefits from installing a security camera. Also, we’re digging into benefits from buying wired Night Owl security cameras specifically.
Stop worrying about battery life

Wireless security cameras have neglected the use of wiring. Although rechargeable, they still depend on battery life. Sooner or later, you would wonder when it needs to recharge. Keep in mind that the battery life stated on each product is usually for normal use of recording, which is a couple hours a day. But if you set your camera to nonstop recording, the battery won’t last as long as it promises.

Wired camera, on the other hand, is free of this issue. As long as they’re connected to power, wired Night Owl security cameras will stay on. Record anytime, nonstop with wired security cameras.

Big storage

Another thing that wireless security cameras feature is microSD or Cloud storage. MicroSD storage is easy, cheap, and accessible. However, the size is not bigger than 32GB. This doesn’t usually last for more than a week. On the other hand, Cloud storage offers unlimited space. But this feature is not free. It comes with a paid subscription plan. This means you have to spend more money just to save your files.

Wired Night Owl security cameras are compatible with NVR or DVR. These recording machines usually come with a built-in 1TB or even 2TB of a hard drive. This can last more than a month! And instead of having to take the microSD out of your camera, you just have to access the recorders.

Not dependent on an internet connection

Another thing we like about DVR-compatible cameras is their independency of a network. We discuss this further on our best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR article. While wireless camera needs an internet connection to record, wired ones can function without. No more offline issues! Just think about the inconvenience of having to make sure you have an internet connection all the time. The thing is you might not be able to do this when you’re away. Free yourself of this issue by choosing wired security cameras instead,

User-friendly, easy setup

We get that some of you are hindered by the idea of having to install wired security cameras. Back then, it is a chore. But now, with more modern technology, everything is easier! As mentioned earlier, Night Owl designs its products with customers in mind. This results in user-friendly security cameras, including the installation process. Everything you need will be available with every purchase, including complete instructions. And if these are not enough, you can always call Night Owl’s technical supports. They are ready to guide you through the installation 24/7.

Lower insurance premium

Whether you’re planning to have your house insured or you’ve done it already, you can benefit from installing security cameras. Most major insurance companies give a premium discount for houses with a surveillance system. You won’t need to pay as much for the same coverage. Talk to your insurance agent or broker and see how much you’ll be saving!

A more productive life

When you have the best wired Night Owl security cameras watching your back, you’ll have some peace of mind. At home, you’ll be free to catch up with some projects. At work, you don’t have to keep watching your employees as these cameras will do it for you. All in all, you and the people around you can benefit from more productive lives.

Buying guide: What to Consider Buying Wired Night Owl Security Camera in 2020

Are you set on buying wired Night Owl security cameras? Here are some of the things you should take a look into before clicking the “Add to Cart” button:

DVR compatibility

Wired security cameras are mostly DVR compatible. Some are even NVR compatible. If you already have a DVR and you want to buy add-on cameras, check on your DVR compatibility first. Some DVR can only support cameras with 1080p resolution. Sometimes, you might encounter the best wired Night Owl security cameras that come in 3MP video quality. That is higher than 1080p.

These more sophisticated cameras are not compatible with 1080p DVR. To have them installed, you’d probably need to purchase a new DVR.

Wiring and extra cable

Usually, wired security cameras offer cable and wiring tools in every purchase. Think about where you want to mount the camera and where you can place the DVR. Then, measure the wire length you need and compare it to those provided by the product. Chances are you will need extra wires to install your camera, especially if it’s more than one. Fret not! You can always buy these extra wires online.

Channels available

Each DVR has several channels you can connect them to your cameras. The number ranges from 1 to 8. Before you buy more cameras, check on the DVR’s channel first. Make sure you have enough channels for your add-on cameras.

Audio system

Keep in mind that most wired security cameras are analog. And this type of camera doesn’t usually come with audio, let alone two-way communication features. If you need to listen to every recording, make sure your camera supports audio. And if you want to be able to talk back to whoever on the other side of the camera, two-way audio is a must. Check this feature before buying it.

Viewing angles

Every camera has a viewing angle. There are products cheaper than wired Night Owl security cameras. However, they usually only have 42o of viewing angle. For a small room indoors, this may not be a problem. But for outdoor and wide room usage, it’s a different story. This means the areas that are not covered by the viewing angle is a blind spot for intruders to hide. 100o viewing angle is highly recommended.

Detector system

Motion detection sounds sophisticated. However, the reality is most motion detectors will send false notifications. This happens because it cannot distinguish threats with other movements, such as bugs flying around the camera. To avoid this issue, pick security cameras that offer something more than just a simple detector system. Some offer selected motion sensors, while some add sound and even temperature sensors in the system. Some of our top 6 wired Night Owl security cameras offer the latter.


This feature is important to consider if you’re planning to install the cameras outdoor. Keep in mind that it needs to be able to withstand the weather and temperature changes. IP65 weatherproof material is what you need. With this material, your camera can adjust to element changes.


How do you install wired Night Owl security cameras?

First of all, you will need wires to connect the camera to the DVR. Before mounting your camera, plug the camera while being connected to the DVR to make sure it’s working properly. Most wired Night Owl security cameras come with one yellow connector for the video and red for power. If your camera has an audio feature, it will have one additional white connector.

Connect these connectors to the corresponding ones on the extra wires. Then, plug the other end of the connectors to the camera and to DVR. Night Owl’s connecters are labeled “To Camera Only” and “To DVR Only”. This will make the setup easier.

For additional cameras, use splitters to divide the wire connections accordingly. Finally, plug the camera power adaptor into the wall outlet. Check if your camera works. Then unplug the power adaptor to start mounting the cameras wherever you want.

How long do Night Owl cameras last?

In terms of storage, with 1TB hard drive installed, wired Night Owl security cameras can keep recording for more than a month until you have to clear up some space or late it overwrites your previous recordings. Some reported it lasts to 45 days. Compare this to wireless security cameras with microSD. A 64GB microSD can only store around 40 hours’ worth of recording. This is not enough. If you set your camera on a nonstop recording, it lasts no more than 2 days. After that, your camera will stop recording and only streaming.

In terms of product quality, anything that is IP65 certified can last for years even in extreme conditions. Some of the best cameras are IP67 certified. This means they can withstand extreme temperatures of -22oF to 140oF. This makes Night Owl one of the best security cameras for outdoor.

Can you talk through Night Owl cameras?

Yes. Some of the best wired Night Owl security cameras are audio enabled. However, as this is not a common feature among wired security cameras, you have a check to make sure.

Are Night Owl cameras better than Lorex?

The two brands share similar features and benefits. However, performance-wise they are different. Lorex does offer more advanced technologies compared to Night Owl. But the latter offers better materials for outdoor cameras. Wired Night Owl security cameras can withstand extreme temperatures of -22oF to 140oF without even malfunctioning. To satisfy your answer, take a look at our in-depth comparison here: Lorex vs Night Owl.

Can wired security cameras get hacked?

Yes. However, it’s not the same as hacking wireless ones. Wired security cameras can only be hacked through connecting a wire to the DVR. This means you will notice the hacking when it takes place. On the other hand, a wireless security camera can be hacked by anyone who can access the network, the app, or the device it transmits to. In general, wired security cameras are way safer.


When it comes to customer satisfaction, Night Owl means business. That’s why the company continues on combining the benefits of classic analog cameras with a more modern version, wireless cameras. The latter is indeed more sophisticated. Even some only need an adhesive sticker to mount. But think about it from this perspective: if the camera is easy for you to unmount, it would be as easy for thieves. Properly installing your cameras ensures its safety and longevity in protecting your house.

As you can read above, installing wired Night Owl security cameras is not a chore. The company has made it simple and super easy even for novice users. So, you have no more doubt about buying wired cameras just because of the installation process. And if you just can’t be bothered, you can always hire a technician to help. Just a few extra bucks for the safety of your house and everyone in it!

Nevertheless, security cameras are a great addition to your home surveillance system. A little effort may be required, but the result it offers is worth every sweat and every dime. Protect your property today. Pick your favorite among these top 6 wired Night Owl security cameras!

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