Tempest Knives Returns to DropSheep Concept for Knife No. 2

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Tempest Knives, the new small batch label founded by YouTuber K.C. Spiron (known as KnivesFast), just opened up preorders for its second folding knife model, the Microburst. The Microburst falls into a smaller size category than its predecessor, but sees Spiron continuing to explore his DropSheep blade concept.

Tempest’s first release, the Pinion, came out last summer. One of its chief features was the DropSheep blade, a profile of Spiron’s devising that attempted to blend the utility characteristics of both the drop point and sheepsfoot.

The option rain motif scales have some additional milling

It was a mid-size blade too, with a 3.4-inch length; here on the Microburst Spiron scaled it down, with a blade length that is 3 inches exactly. He also calls the particular drop sheep here a “Tall DropSheep,” which is as good a description as any. While it’s shorter than the Pinion’s blade, it’s much wider, ready to withstand the rigors of everyday cutting work: breaking down boxes, punching through plastic packaging, etc. And Spiron also takes advantage of the shorter blade length in another way, with a forward finger groove beneath the edge for moving one’s grip closer for more control. Opened with a thumb stud, the Microburst’s blade steel is 14C28N, the same affordable, well-rounded stainless that we saw on the Pinion.

As a review of knives, Spiron has a particular penchant for analyzing ergonomics. So it comes as no surprise that he hewed to time-tested, universal shapes on the Microburst handle profile. But simple doesn’t mean boring, and in fact Spiron is offering gussied up “rain motif” scales as an optional extra for those who want to indulge. The Microburst weighs 3.25 oz. and comes with a deep carry wire pocket clip; Spiron also notes that well-known replacement clip maker Casey Lynch’s wire clip also fits this knife.

The Microburst preorder is up now on the Tempest Knives website. The knife is expected to arrive later this year (2-3 months after the batch order is placed).

Knife in Featured Image: Tempest Knives Microburst

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