SIG SAUER Announces the New SHOOT SIG Competition Shooting Program

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SIG SAUER has come up with a way they think will get people who’ve never taken the leap into competition shooting to do just that. While anyone who’s ever shot for time or accuracy can tell you how much fun it is, most people don’t have the time or money to devote most of a day to entering something like a 3-Gun or IPSC competition.

SIG’s designed their new SHOOT SIG program to get around those objections.

The New Hampshire gun maker has designed the new SHOOT SIG league with the idea of “getting gun owners from the house to the range in a fun and approachable atmosphere.” SIG’s Director of firearms product management Phil Strader announced the new SHOOT SIG league just before the SHOT Show along with members of the Team SIG professional shooters Max Michel and Daniel Horner.

Phil Strader SIG SAUER
SIG’s Director of firearms product management, Phil Strader, announced the SHOOT SIG program before SHOT Show

SIG aims to get people to sign up and participate by making their competitions easy to enter, fast to complete, and affordable. There are also a number of member-only benefits for those who sign up.

It will cost $50 for an annual membership and $45 to shoot in each competition. Join and up and SIG will send you a hat and some stickers. Members also get what we’re told will be a “significant discount” off the purchase of one SIG firearm per calendar year. In addition, they’ll give away a premium “aspirational” SIG firearm (think: SIG SPEAR, M17, SOCOM-Rattler) once a year to members along with another “major raffle item” each quarter.

You’ll also get a 15% discount at SIG’s online webstore after you shoot in one competition.

Maybe the best part is how easy it will be to compete. You’ll sign up online for an upcoming shoot and be given a shoot time. Unlike other competitions, you won’t have to show up in the morning, be squadded, then rotate through…while spending most of your time waiting rather than shooting.

SIG says once you get your shoot time, you can show up a few minutes early and then shoot your thee-stage competition in 45 minutes. That significantly cuts down on the time commitment to participate. Check out SIG’s site for the three-stage competition layout. If you really like to compete, you can sign up to shoot in multiple divisions (there are seven and you can shoot in all of them if you want) on the same day.

You don’t have to own a SIG firearm to compete. There will be non-SIG categories and prizes, too. In fact…you don’t even need to own a gun. SIG will have a selection of their guns there for you to use — for free — if you need one. Literally all you’ll need to shoot in a competition is a couple of boxes of ammo.

Again, the idea is to make it as easy as possible for virtually anyone to get into the shooting sports. The SHOOT SIG program launched on February 1. You can sign up and get more information here.



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