SHOT Show: Two Simple AR Upgrades From Armaspec

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Who among us hasn’t struggled while changing the grip on an AR platform rifle? No, it isn’t difficult — or shouldn’t be — because all it takes is the turn of a screw. But that screw is shrouded by three-plus inches of polymer that can make getting at that screw a challenge.

The Armaspec Battle Grip screw is a V8 moment forehead-slapper. It’s simply an extended screw that brings the screw head up to the opening in the bottom of your AR grip so you can get at it quickly and easily. Duh.

It sells for a mere $14.99 and is worth every damned penny just in reduced aggravation levels.

Another simple upgrade you can make to your AR is swapping out that standard safety selector switch with one that’s quicker and easier to use.

Armaspec’s new Fulcrum safety selector makes switching from safe to hot and back again incredibly quick and easy. All it takes is a quick flip of your thumb without having to alter your grip. It’s perfect for people with smaller hands (like me), but it doesn’t protrude so much as to snag or get in the way.

The Fulcrum is shipping now. Forty-five degree short throw or 90-degree full throw models are $39.95. A 45/90 version is $44.99.


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