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I’m a big fan of PCCs and subguns. I think it’s because I came of age during the time when the MP5 ruled and subguns were the dominant weapon for special forces, SWAT teams, and general bad hombres.

With that in mind, the GSG-9 that’s being imported from ATI caught my attention. GSG famously made clones of the MP5 in .22LR, but HK sued them, and the guns had to change in outward appearance. The latest in the GSG family of totally not MP5 look-alikes is the GSG-9.

GSG 9 – Not the German Counter Terrorism Unit

This is a 9mm large format pistol that’s an uncanny valley version of the MP5. It’s a direct blowback gun with some vague MP5 similarities.

The charging handle, safety, and general receiver design have a certain MP5 appeal. You can do the ol’ HK slap if you need to. Across the top is a long optic rail, and the handguard is all M-LOK. The GSG-9 lacks the HK drum sight, and instead, you have a simple peep and front post.

The pistol takes either GLOCK or SIG P320 magazines, and it does so in an interesting way. Instead of a modular magwell, the gun uses an adapter that fits onto the magazine itself. The GSG-9 can take either mag, and you get both adapters with the gun. ATI will also sell additional adapters for your magazines.

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that design. It’s novel, but will removing and attaching adapters to your mags become a pain? What happens if an adapter breaks?

That remains to be seen. The rear of the gun has a 1913 rail for stocks or braces, and the overall layout is very simple and mostly polymer. It’s a simple little weapon, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

The GSG-9 will retail for around $699 and be available by the summer of 2023.


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