SHOT Show 2023: SIG Sauer Range Day Round Up

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SIG Range Day put the company’s catalog on display. Here are a few of the guns that caught our eye.

As is now the norm, SIG Sauer plays in its own sandbox come, SHOT Show. Instead of just being another face in the crowd at the media day at the range, the gun and optics behemoth hosts its own live-fire shindig to showcase its wares. While SIG didn’t have earth-shattering announcements at the Clark Count Rifle-Pistol Center just outside of Las Vegas proper, it did have several of its new and newish releases, as well as old favorites on hand. Here are a few that caught our eye.

P365 Rose

P365 Rose
Announced days before SIG Range Day, the pistol is a slightly modified version of the company’s P365. With input from World Champion shooter Lena Miculek, the gun is more than a gun—it’s a complete system developed for women new to shooting. The optic-ready P365 itself comes chambered in either 9mm or .380 ACP and is given a feminine touch with rose gold accents on the controls, trigger and backplate. Additionally, it has a rice Rose motif in the grip panel that gives it a unique look without being gaudy.

Nothing too special there, given anyone, can slap on some aesthetic appeal to a gun and call it good. Where this gets better for new women shooters is what comes included in the kit, two magazines, a TSA-approved Vaultek Lifepod pistol safe, five polymer dummy rounds for dry-fire practice, a mag loader, and access to the QuickStart guide and online training series. Overall, a fairly solid system for a lady just getting into the shooting game.

P365 In .380

Sig Sauer Range Day 4

While we didn’t throw any rounds downrange with the Rose P365, we did get hands-on with the new .380 model. Certainly, it wasn’t enough trigger time to give a definitive thumbs up or down on the pistol.
That said, it did leave an overall positive impression. Through a couple of mags, it proved very controllable and overall pleasant—the latter is not always the case with small .380s, especially since your pinky is hanging. Additionally, the gun is sized right. At just 4 inches in height, and just under 6 inches in length it is sculpted to melt away on your person in all but a bikini.

P320-Spector Comp

Sig Sauer Range Day 2

All the cool kids have compensation models now—SIG wasn’t going to get let out in the cold here. The P320-Spector Comp model was released earlier in 2022 and not only features a fairly sizable single-port comp at the front. It doesn’t stop there with the company’s Custom Works adding a litany of other upgrades, such as a laser-engraved, tungsten-infused grip module, falling serrations, ported slide and 4.6-inch TiN gold threaded barrel. OK, so it’s got the racing stripes and tail fins—but does it shoot?
You bet. Plenty heavy and the comp doing its job, the pistol raced through a dueling tree and more than seems to have the chops as a race option.


The big hubbub for SIG heading into SHOT is the MCX-SPEAR LT. This is the lightweight model of the company fighting rifle and more than fits the bill tipping the scales at right around 5 to 7 pounds, depending on the model—pistol or rifle. Much of the weight savings is found in the multi-caliber rifle stock, with has been stripped down to next to nothing and has the added benefit of folding. Nice package.
Given the SPEAR in its original form is pretty sweet—we confess, we shot the old one at range day since it was chambered 6.5 Creedmoor (so sue us)—the new iteration should prove quite nimble and convenient in the field.

Cross PRS

No pictures on this one—blame the performance of the rifle. This competition-ready rendition of the forward-looking Cross was lights-out at the range. Chamber in 6.5 Creedmoor, we sent five rounds down at a hostage target at 500 yards, each one sending the flapper flying. The last one was dead center, really hitting the target hard.

It seems a great option for a Precision Rifle Series shooter or someone who’s bound and determined for bragging rights at their local range. The rifle, however, is configured for competition. That is, it’s heavy as sin itself—about 17 pounds in the model we shot. All the better to watch your rounds hit, not so great if you’re looking for a practical field iron. Very comfortable rifle to shoot as, well with an exceptional trigger. There’s no creep on the switch and its break is very consistent and crips. Honestly, what more could you want out of an off-the-shelf competition gun?


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