Second New for 2023 OKC Knife is the Stealth Fixed Blade

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The Ontario Knife Company 2023 rollout continues: after the recent reveal of the Camp Plus EDC, today the company showed off their first new for 2023 fixed blade, the Stealth. Designed with tactical applications in mind, the Stealth packs in genre features and is built with solid materials.

As befits a knife with its name, the Stealth is a low-key, compact fixed blade. Its blade length is just 3.56 inches, on the smaller side for the average knife with a “tactical” designation.” In terms of profile, we’re looking at a drop point with a combination edge. The smallish size does mean the Stealth will be easy to carry, but, even without the explicit tactical stamp from OKC, that combo edge points in the direction of more specialized tasks than either the EDC or outdoors knife roles usually demand.

There’s a black coating on the blade, which we think is probably more for keeping a low profile than stain resistance, given that the blade steel here is S35VN, a (now) older super steel, but still one that turns in good performance numbers across the board and is not particularly susceptible to rust.

With the aformentioned blade length, but an overall length of 9.13 inches, the Stealth has a purposefully skewed blade to handle ratio. This larger handle means that even gloved hands will have enough room to hold the knife securely – a trait that the linear, almost dagger-like handle profile further facilitates. There’s a finger groove below the guard, and a dip on the spine catty corner to this, which provides an ideal indexing point that should be findable even if you’re not looking at it. The handle scales are dark black/gray Micarta, and although OKC hasn’t shown off the sheath yet, they have indicated that it will be made from nylon and MOLLE compatible.

As mentioned above, the Stealth is the second new for 2023 knife that OKC has revealed. The company is really at the head of the pack when it comes to the ’23 product reveals, kicking things off earlier this month with the Camp Plus EDC, a daily carry folder patterned off their more specialized Camp Plus line models.

Knife in Featured Image: Ontario Knife Company Stealth

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