Rustic Modern Farmhouse Bed (All Mattress Sizes)

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This is one of the most beautiful beds I’ve ever made.

Rustic wood paired with a modern form updates the farmhouse bed into a beautiful and functional focal point to your bedroom.

This plan covers all mattress sizes, the bed I built for reference is a standard king.

Thoughtful Design Features

You might not know it, but we are thinking of you when we design plans – here’s a few details that you’ll love:

  • Headboard sized so you won’t need a ton of decorative pillows, no expensive euro pillows needed!
  • Headboard sized for artwork above
  • Headboard panel is inset, which helps keep pillows on the bed
  • Comfortable finished mattress height even paired with today’s extra deep mattresses
  • Footboard is enclosed but siderails are not – so you can stand next to the bedside and not stub your toe
  • Easy to change sheets with mattress slightly embeded on the siderails
  • Panel boards sized to conserve materials and save you money

More Photos and Quick Build Video

Would you like to see more photos and the quick build?  Here’s the build video:

Plan Notes:

  • Mattress depth – This headboard works well with a 10″ or deeper mattress.  For a shorter mattress, an open gap below the headboard panel may be visible.  You can also increase the length of the panel boards to account for this.
  • Twin size – the twin size does not need the center support structure.
  • Modifying to Traditional Farmhouse Bed – Very easy to do, plans coming soon
  • Planking Cuts – note that the planking is right at 12″ and 24″ – if your 1x8s are exactly 8′ or 12′ – you may wish to cut boards 1/8″ less so all your cuts fit with the saw blade waste accounted for
  • Other materials for planking – yes, you can use just about any material instead of the 1×8 planking


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