Waist Holster

Here’s Why You Need THIS Concealed Holster
  • Breathable, flexible, ultra-comfortable neoprene design allows you move freely without sweating and chafing underneath
  • Fits a wide range of weapon sizes, from .38 snub nose up to .45 1911 pistols
  • Retrieve your concealed weapon in 0.7 seconds with fast detaching but secure thumb-released velcro strap
  • Undetectable with loose-fitting shirts
  • Won’t slide down thanks to it’s unique, form-fitting, neoprene waist and ultra-strong, military-grade velcro 
  • Ambidextrous for left or right hand draw
  • Includes an extra pouch for an extra magazine, knife, or pepper spray

This Concealed Holster Might Be The Last One You Ever Need

Concealed carriers need at least one good waist holster in their arsenal.  Unfortunately most of them make you sweat, or slip as you move around.

Even worse, they are uncomfortable for sitting for long periods of time.

You AND your friends won’t notice you’re wearing this holster…

This Holster Will Keep Your Weapon Concealed

Your weapon will be concealed easily underneath your shirt.  Many other holsters make the weapon protrude from your body so much that the weapon can get caught on seat belts or chairs.  Not this one.

Now you can carry your weapon comfortably anytime, anywhere without raising the suspicion of friends, coworkers or family members.
You’ll probably forget you’re wearing it.

This Holster Was Designed With COMFORT In Mind

This is hands-down the most comfortable concealed holster on the market.

We tested over 17 different models and found that this was the ONLY one that was comfortable to wear all day and easy to access.

The military grade velcro ensures your weapon won’t slip into view or end up down around your belt line, all the while wicking away sweat from your body.
Even bigger folks with bellies will love this holster!

Right Or Left Hand Draw, Front Or Back Carry, You Can Do It All With This Holster

This is hands-down the most comfortable concealed holster on the market.

Plus you can just slide the holster around your waist without undoing the velcro so you can adjust it as needed without revealing you’re carrying.
The gun strap will ensure your weapon doesn’t fall out, and the extra pocket is perfect for an extra magazine or a cell phone and wallet.

And It Comes With A No-Slip, Quick-Draw Lifetime Guarantee! 

If you are unsatisfied for any reason we’ll replace it or refund your money.

No questions asked, for the lifetime of the product, your satisfaction is guaranteed with Renegade Gear’s Lifetime Warranty.
Fits waist sizes up to 45.