USA Unplugged

Inside USA Unplugged you’ll discover:

  • Exactly how big your energy system needs to be to cover your usage.
  • How my clever tips will squeeze the most electricity from your system.
  • Everything you need to know about battery storage including full wiring diagrams.
  • My insider secrets to dirt cheap battery storage (not what you might think).
  • Full step-by-step plans on building this ingenious home energy system and getting it ready to run your first appliance.
  • Care instructions so you can enjoy free electricity for the rest of your life.
  • Plus many more secrets that I stumbled across along the way when I built my own system!

When you decide to grab try USA Unplugged, you’ll also receive:

  • Everything you need to know about solar power to start the conversion process immediately. When you follow the steps I lay out, you’ll know how much energy you need to generate, how many panels you need to generate that much energy, and exactly how to build and install them with ease so you can start to wipe out your power bill.
  • The $98 Solar Panel: That’s right, it is completely realistic to build a solar panel for just $98, and I’m going to show you step by step how! And while it likely takes several panels to run your home, at $98 a pop you can start building one every week. Or even every month. If money is tight, at $98 you can still afford to build the panels you need.
  • Making A Wind Turbine: Imagine sucking your energy needs right out of the air itself! Windmills have been used for centuries to harvest the energy humans needed to do the work that needed to be done. Now you can do the same thing, and harvest electricity right out of thin air. Let’s face it, sometimes the sun isn’t shining, and sometimes the wind isn’t blowing…so knowing how to use both methods will guarantee you never have to buy 1kw of energy more than is absolutely necessary from the power company.
  • Hours of step-by-step video tutorials that go over every aspect of building and installing a solar system and a wind turbine system. I will walk you through each and every step in minute detail, so you’ll never have to guess about anything. You’ll have a LIVE demonstration for literally everything you need to do.