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Tactical Defense StrikeLight

Drop An Attacker In Seconds

  • Super Bright 600 lumens LED Emitter!
  • ​Aircraft Grade Aluminium Body
  • ​Quick baton extension
  • ​Sharp Bevel Edge For Defense
  • ​Glass Breaker
  • ​3 Light Functions (Full, Half, & Strobe)
  • ​Powered By 3 x AA Lithium Batteries
  • ​Adjustable Light Zoom (Zoom Up To 1300ft!)
  • ​Stainless & Rustproof
  • ​Wide Fin Heat Disbursement



The STRIKELIGHT™  is a versatile self-defense weapon + flashlight in one.  At simple twist of the handle this will extend another 4 inches allowing you to strike from a large distance.  This extra distance can be vital in a self-defense situation and can allow you to drop an attacker all while keeping yourself at a safe distance.

It also works as a blinding flashlight with 3 light functions. The first function is full brightness, the 2nd is half power and the 3rd function is strobe light.

The strobe feature has been included as the fast flashing lights are proven to disorientate the attacker.  This can either give you time to get away, or, make your strike!

On top of this you can also adjust the light size. Keep the strike light closed for a wider light. This is best for close combat. Then twist and extend the baton and the light becomes smaller and more focused. Use this feature for long distances.

All in all, the STRIKELIGHT™ is a great all-round tactical flashlight and defense weapon.