Alone and Unafraid

This “3 move” defense is the secret weapon of our nation’s undercover operatives, who face danger all the time.
To operatives, this special set of moves is known as the “Trident Sequence” or, simply, “The Trident.” 
And, today, for the first time, I’m making The Trident available to civilian American citizens. 
Once you know this set of 3 devastating moves… 
You will walk confidently down any city street, even late at night…
And travel without worry to new cities, states and even countries…
Because you will know that you can handle any situation. 
Just 3 simple moves… that’s all you need.
You can master them in about 5 minutes. Probably less. (I’m not kidding.)
Look, most intelligence operatives don’t learn karate or jujitsu or Krav Maga…
They don’t HAVE to… 
Because they learned this series of 3 simple moves – The Trident – will disarm any criminal, incapacitate him and give you the time to escape.
It’s so easy… and incredibly powerful. 

To help Americans like you take back

OUR streets from the predators.
To walk with confidence… even at night… knowing that YOU are safe, secure and protected.
And even more than that… to know you can protect your wife, children, and grandchildren from an attacker, in any situation. 
Whether it’s in a parking lot, a crowded theater or even your own home.
But before I go on, I do need to warn you… 
What I’m about to show you is an “operative level” technique… meaning it is intended for intelligence operatives and our nation’s elite commando teams
Therefore, this 3-move sequence could be dangerous in the wrong hands.
Please use it only for self-defense and only when you absolutely need it. 
Okay, let’s get started right now…
For many years, I worked for our government as a CIA Officer, protecting our national interests.
I’ve been trained to handle myself in any situation, at any time, anywhere in the world.
I’ve been in plenty of dangerous situations on the streets…
Situations where a normal-looking white guy like me looks like an easy mark.
And I’ve never feared for my life. Or become a victim…
Because thanks to my training I learned something of unbelievable value…
The 3 simple but genius moves that

can take down any attacker
No matter your age… no matter your strength… no matter your physical condition
The fact is, I’m a pretty average guy to look at.
I keep myself fit, but I’m no weightlifter. I don’t exactly look like Arnold Schwarzenegger…
And, I’m not a Kung Fu or Karate master.
I don’t need to be.
Because thanks to these 3 simple movesI’m secure and confident in any situation.