Alive After Crisis

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7 Items That Will Save Your Life When Disaster Strikes…

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How many latex gloves do you have at home or in your car?
What about hand sanitizers?
Nitrate Gloves?
Zinc lozenges?

The list goes on and on.
Oh – and do NOT forget surgical masks…BUT

Buy the wrong size or shaped mask, or if it’s made of the wrong materials…it’s worse than wearing no mask at all.

It won’t stop the spread of germs, and that mask itself is a ticking time bomb for your family members if you were to become infected.
Did you realize that?


If you’re a responsible patriot who takes the threat of the next crisis seriously, you’ll want to run out and get them right now.

But keep reading before you do anything…

Our neighbors and family members often think we’re “crazy” for stockpiling food, water, and medical supplies ahead of time… yet you know as well as I do, that they’ll be knocking at our doors begging for help when disaster strikes.

Because once mass panic sets in, store shelves will run bare and neighbors will fight each other to get their hands on anything that remains.

The safest place to be if all hell breaks loose, is right in your very own home, IF you have 7 specific items, that will keep you safe.