Peraton Labs secures contract under DARPA’s MINC programme


Peraton Labs, a mission capability integrator and enterprise IT provider, has secured a contract under the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) mission-integrated network control (MINC) programme.

Under the terms of the contract, Peraton will create, integrate, test, and assess a multi-domain network orchestration solution.

It will value up to $20m over a 42-month period.

The solution will facilitate real-time, autonomous identification and configuration of interconnected military networks, to enable on-demand connectivity in challenging tactical environments.

The system will replace static configurations of individual tactical networks.

Peraton Labs president Petros Mouchtaris said: “Peraton Labs will develop and deliver an automated network discovery and control solution that can dynamically compose data pathways, across multiple warfighting and networking domains, to support missions in all-domain warfare.

“With intelligent, mission-driven control, and the ability to interoperate across a heterogeneous mix of legacy and future systems, our solution will provide reliable communications capability to our warfighters.”

According to a Peraton Labs statement, the solution will orchestrate control across communications, compute, and storage resources leveraging novel technologies.

One important part of the effort will involve the creation of a software development kit, to ensure sustained development of ‘MINC-enabled applications’ beyond the programme.

Mouchtaris added: “To build this capability, Peraton Labs leverages deep expertise and extensive experience in machine learning, virtualisation, software-defined networking, and tactical communications.

“Our solution will not only enable joint all-domain operations, but also provide a ‘leave-behind’ capability for continued development, integration, and use by third parties.”

The MINC programme seeks to build capabilities to deliver critical data to the right user, at appropriate times, in highly contested and heterogeneous communications environments.

Last year, Peraton Labs secured a contract to extend the UNO Planner software for the US Army PdM TCNO.

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