Ontario Air Force Survival Knife

We’ve all heard fantastic tales of stranded Air Force pilots making the best of bad situations, with only a few emergency rations and a single Air Force survival knife on hand as they fought for their lives in enemy territory.

What’s most impressive is that even decades later, several branches of the U.S. Armed Forces continue to use the same rugged fixed blade as an indispensable tool.

The Ontario Air Force Survival Knife is no joke.

Built in accordance with the specifications of the U.S. Government, the Ontario Survival Knife offers a tried-and-true design at a value few others can offer. It is one of the best Ontario knives you can buy.

The sawback clip-point blade is 5 inches and made from 1095 carbon steel with a zinc phosphate coating.

Its natural leather handle conforms comfortably to the hand and provides a classic look and feel. A stainless steel butt cap offers a striking surface when you’re out in the field.

The Ontario Air Force Survival Knife comes with a natural leather sheath that stores an included whetstone. You can carry it via the belt loop or leg ties.

For under $60, you can own a US-made piece of history that you can still bet your life on no matter your situation.