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Maniago, Italy’s LionSteel brought two new models to their booth at IWA Outdoor Classics 2022. The first is a sequel to one of their outdoor fixed blades, while the second is a collaboration multitool shaped like an egg.


This fixed blade is a straightforward sequel to the T5, with the primary difference right there in the name. Compared to the 5-inch T5, The T6 [see feature image] adds an inch of blade length, expanding its outdoor capabilities somewhat, but also catering to those who simply prefer larger knives. Of course, the longer blade necessitates a longer handle, and overall the T6’s profile looks just that little bit different than its smaller sibling. The T6 comes with a Kydex sheath. But there’s more going on here than the added length, as the steel has also been altered. LionSteel swapped out the Niolox on the T5 for K490 here, a Bohler-Uddeholm powder metallurgy steel that BU says offers both high wear resistance and upper echelon toughness.


This quirky, keychain-sized multitool is the result of a collaboration between LionSteel and Audacious Concept, a Finnish gear company. When closed, the Eggie looks like a tiny, tactical egg; by unscrewing the cap you expose a central socket surrounded by six slots, each containing a different driver except for one, which contains a small knife blade. You slot your tool of choice into the central socket and then put the cap back on, securing it in place for use. According to Audacious Concept, the Eggie will accept any microbit-sized driver you want to use with it.

Both the T6 and Eggie were displayed alongside the rest of the LionSteel lineup, which also included the L.E. One, a karambit design debuted at SHOT in January that features MagnaCut steel.

Knife in Featured Image: LionSteel T6


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