Montana Senator’s Twitter Account Suspended Because of Hunting Avatar Pic

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Twitter carries videos of the Kyle Rittenhouse defensive shooting. If porn is your thing, Twitter will accomodate you (that link is definitely NSFW). And if you want to see five cops beat Tyre Nichols to death, Twitter has that video, too.

You know what’s apparently over the line as far as Elon Musk’s social media platform is concerned? Hunting photos. We’re not talking bloody images of field dressing or wound channel pics, either. We’re talking people posing after a kill with their harvest.

Pics very much like this one . . .

Deer hunt hunting trophy buck jon wayne taylor
Jon Wayne Taylor for TTAG

Montana Senator Steve Daines, who’s an avid hunter, found that out the hard way when he used a pic of himself and his wife posing with an antelope she had downed as his avatar. That caused the fragile flowers at Twitter who apparently have extraordinarily delicate sensibilities to shut down the Senator’s account until he replaces the image.

Here’s the full image . . .

daines hunting photo pic
Courtesy Steve Daines

That brought the ban hammer down on the Senator’s account.

Since Musk bought Twitter, he’s enabled the exposure of the extent to which the federal government agencies have coopted Big Tech™ to muzzle speech they find inconvenient and social media’s role in spreading outright lies through corporate news outlets. He’s also begun to take the algorithmic chains off of accounts (like ours) that the previous management found distasteful.

Clearly, the multi-billionaire still has work to do. The snowflake who judged a Senator’s trophy photo to be in violation of Twitter’s media policy — given the other content that’s readily available on the platform — needs…counseling. He or she is apparently unaware of thousands of similar pics already on the platform.

We’d guess this situation will soon be corrected and Senator Daines won’t be forced to replace the image. But let’s see.

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