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For decades, the thermos has been the go-to for keeping hot drinks hot everywhere from ski lodges to construction sites, but the technology behind vacuum insulated bottles is only getting better. Seattle-based MiiR consistently makes some of the sleekest, most attractive insulated drinking vessels available, and its latest release, the Tomo, which means ‘friend’ and/or ‘companion’ in Japanese, uses clever design to remind us why we carry comfort beverages in the first place.

Made of medical-grade stainless steel, the 33oz Tomo does pretty much everything you’d want a solid insulated bottle to do: the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the liquids hot or cold for hours on end, and MiiR’s sleek, leakproof 360 lid allows for pouring or sipping from any angle (the new lid fits all of the company’s existing wide-mouth bottles as well as its Flip Traveler coffee mug, too).

Best of all, the thermos comes with two twist-off eight-ounce insulated mugs, which makes it easy to share a mid-hike hot cocoa or coffee with a friend (or maybe a chilly Bloody Mary on the chairlift if that’s more your speed).


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