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By this point, you’ve likely heard about the Chinese (weaponized?) spy balloons that have been found over North America. One of these spent some time floating over one of our nuclear ICBM fields in Montana before continuing its journey further south, where it then headed towards North Carolina before being shot down off the coast near Myrtle Beach.

At the moment, this is what we know:

  • China told us to “be calm” about it.
  • The US military originally refused to shoot the thing down. Even after having first spotted it over the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, over water.
  • It looks like the one that flew over Montana had the capability to be maneuvered. In short, it didn’t just trust to the winds. Somebody was steering it. Floating over the ICBM fields was no accident.
  • A few massive planes weren’t sent to follow the Montana spy balloon and collect data on it.
  • Canada was tracking another balloon.
  • When asked where the balloon was, Americans were told that “they could look up.”
  • A third balloon has been spotted over Latin America.

There were also reports of a massive explosion over Montana shortly after the Chinese spy balloon passed over. The “authorities” were quick to point out that there, in fact, was no explosion and no plane wreckage was found nearby, so there clearly wasn’t anything. [sarc] I trust the authorities. Over the past three years, they’ve repeatedly proved to be a source of nothing other than truth. You should trust them too.


(It should be pointed out that Rawles of believes this explosion was just a fighter accidentally hitting Mach 1. He’s a smart guy, so this is a variable to consider, and I would trust him before I trusted others.)

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What types of weapons could a Chinese spy balloon have?

As far as weapons platforms go, Brandon Smith has some theories that are well worth reading. If any of Brandon’s theories are spot-on, this would make perfect sense why it wasn’t decided to shoot the thing down until it had completed its path over America – because it had completed its mission.

That is the only reason that we would have permitted a known spy balloon to pass over our country without blasting it out of the sky and retaliating immediately. As Brandon points out, it’s likely that this balloon was housing some type of mapping software (he makes the case for lidar or multispectral imaging) that would enable it to gather incredibly precise detailing of America’s geography.

Did you build a survival retreat in the mountains of Montana? The Chinese now know about it.

Have an off-the-grid home in the middle of Nowhere, North Carolina? The Chinese now know about it.

Was your cell phone on while the balloon passed overhead? Do the Chinese now have geo-tagged cell phone records of who is where?

Maybe you don’t have some type of secret survival retreat. Maybe it’s just you on your farm or you and your friends in the neighborhood. If you were under the path of this balloon, the Chinese now have an accurate map of your area. They can now better plan how to take it. Far-fetched?

Chinese (and Afghanis) are sneaking across our southern border.

Combine this with Michael Yon’s firsthand accounts of what is going on at our non-existent southern border. He is there at Darien Gap, right now, a location where massive amounts of illegals are passing through to get into American land. He is reporting Mandarin-speaking illegals passing through our southern border. So many, in fact that he’s had to hire an interpreter.

Keep in mind that this is near the same location where Yon has reported illegals sneaking through our border with various weapon platforms. This is not hearsay. This is firsthand knowledge.

Also, add to this the Chinese moving into Afghanistan after we left all our weapons and intelligence. We gave them a LOT of material.

All Chinese that now leave China to come to America are now signing loyalty pledges to the communist form of government before they come here as well. Combine this with the fact that Chinese-installed kill switches have been found on parts of our electrical grid that we purchased from them. Trump banned Chinese involvement in the American electrical grid. Biden rescinded this in 2021. Our own military says that we can no longer protect our America.

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What is happening?

It’s worth rereading General Hao Tian’s speech and China’s Unrestricted Warfare again at this point.

We are being set up to take a massive fall. Keep your eyes open. Public outcry was the only reason this thing was shot down.

What if this had been outfitted with some type of bio-agent dispersal device? What if it had an EMP? What was the explosion? If we won’t protect our airspace, will we protect our ground? Let us know your thoughts on these questions in the comments below.


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