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Maybe the best thing about Malwarebytes Premium is that it’s blessedly simple. It quickly scans everyday and works quietly in the background. Each day a notification will pop up on your computer to let you know if anything was found. If the software does encounter a problem, it blocks offending malicious websites or quarantines suspicious software and the like.

It does all this without any input from you and is pretty fool-proof.  Real-time protection settings (web, malware, ransomware, and exploit protection) are on by default. Malwarebytes on Windows also automatically sets up a scheduled threat scan for the wee hours of the morning. Of course, you can change these settings if you like, but there’s no need. It will work great without any tweaking.

Some may say that Malwarebytes Premium is a little too basic. Unlike its biggest competitor, Bitdefender Antivirus, it doesn’t have parental control options for keeping your kids safe online, gamer mode, VPN protection, or email scanning. Still, we like this antivirus software for people that like to keep things simple. In fact, Malwarebytes Premium is recommended by IT security expert and SafeWise advisor Pete Canavan.

“Malwarebytes started out as a free anti-malware program that proved itself to be very effective at removing malware on Windows-based systems,” said Canavan.  “It was the go-to program for many PC professionals as well as consumers to help remove malware-infected systems.  It has since evolved into a more robust, professional cybersecurity program that has added anti-virus protection to the anti-malware component.”

“They have very good support that is available 24/7, and so if you have a problem, they are just a chat, email, or phone call away. The paid versions are very affordable and provide excellent protection when used in conjunction with other best practices for securing your computer and networks.”
-IT security expert and SafeWise advisor Pete Canavan

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