Productivity is always an issue in offices, and finding ways to elevate those levels is top of mind for business owners. That’s especially true today when many office workers are hesitant to return to offices after working from home during the pandemic.

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If you’re exploring ways to upgrade your office to make it more productive, here are a few options to consider.

Focus on Lighting

While some offices are illuminated only by artificial lighting, others offer a blend of natural and artificial light. Natural lighting is always a significant benefit, but there are situations where natural lighting is too harsh. If that’s the case, protecting your windows with tinting softens the light and provides other benefits. Work towards a blend of natural and artificial light that meets the needs of employees without adding stress and glare.

Create a Workable Physical Layout

Many business owners spend too much time planning a layout that makes the best use of the space without considering who is using that space. Productivity and comfort don’t necessarily align with “efficient” layouts. Work with staff members to determine the pros and cons of arrangements to ensure the office is both productive and comfortable.

Accommodate Movement Needs

No one is productive after spending too much time sitting in one position. Everyone needs to get up and move around while working. Even walking to a coffee machine provides a respite from sitting at a desk, but also consider using sit-stand desks that allow employees to stand while working.

Create Options for Organizing Everything at a Desk

Cluttered desks generally inhibit productivity. Make sure all employees have adequate storage for work materials and electronic devices. While some employees don’t appear to worry about clutter, offering them storage options may change their work patterns and enhance overall productivity.

Include Comfortable Conversation Areas

Another option to consider is adding comfortable sitting areas where employees can meet to brainstorm or discuss issues they’ve encountered. While typical conference rooms include the needed space, they are generally sterile and provide seating that’s too much like the employees’ desks. Consider the need for these spaces and how practical they are for a specific office environment.

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Add Color to the Office

Sticking to white or beige walls is easy, but the atmosphere those colors create isn’t always inviting or comfortable. Work with a color expert to choose the best colors for an office based on the type of business and the employees using the space. In some spaces, wallpapers or murals are appropriate, so keep an open mind when choosing a strategy to add color.

Bring in Live Plants

Live plants help to eliminate the sterile feel many offices exude. While even a touch of greenery helps, more is better. Of course, someone has to care for those plants, but if there isn’t a green thumb in the office, services providing plant care are common. Many of them even provide the plants.

Keep the Coffee Fresh and Hot

One other way to keep employees happy and productive is by providing drinks. While coffee is the standard option, also consider teas and cold drinks. The cost is within reach for most offices, and the benefits are certainly worth the investment.

Getting Started

Even when adding all the above options isn’t feasible, start with one or two and add more as time and finances allow. Your staff will be grateful and more productive when they’re happier.