Kombou Comes up with Colorful Gent’s Folder for Bestech

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Grzegorz Grabarski, alias Kombou, has one more design to show off before 2022 comes to a close. Meet the Mothus, a highly stylized gent’s folder flaunting quality materials from tip to tail.

It can be hard to pin down the exact definition of a ‘gent’s folder,’ but here at KnifeNews our two major criteria are everyday carry dimensions, and a focus on the visual elements of the knife. The Mothus passes both of these tests. Its drop point blade has gobs of elan, with its near full flat grind and brushed finish. It’s opened with a thumb disc, which is not usually associated with the gentleman’s folder but, in this particular case, the disc has been dressed up to fit the part, with a low-key anodization and some aesthetic texturing. All and all, it’s a looker.

Of course making the blade look nice is only half the battle; it has to cut well too. That aforementioned flat grind should get the cutting edge nice and thin for heightened slicing capability, and it also results in a nice pointy tip. M390 blade steel makes its umpteenth appearance here but, given its extremely solid performance across the board (especially in an EDC role) we don’t think there will be any complaints on that front.

The Mothus’s handle tapers from front to back, but other than it’s an unostentatious profile – which is good, because it allows the color choices and machining to take center stage. There’s a flowing, two-tone pattern cut into both the front and back titanium scales; it’s a little whimsical with its stars and swirls, and this light, playful feel is further reinforced by the soft, purple-pink anodization on the handles. Grabarski says this version of the Mothus, the first we’ve seen, is only one of five different colorations that will be available. Underneath the playful scales, we once again see Bestech’s B-Lock, whose innate ambidexterity is allowed to shine here thanks to that thumb disc and a sculpted titanium pocket clip that is front and back reversible.

Grabarski says the Mothus line is on its way to dealers now.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Mothus

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