Johnson Controls and Willow form sustainable buildings partnership

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Johnson Controls and Willow, a provider of digital twin solutions for critical infrastructure and real estate, have announced a global collaboration to digitally transform buildings and facilities into healthier, safer and more sustainable environments for their customers and occupants.

Johnson Controls and Willow have committed to jointly bring next-generation solutions to their customers. According to the companies, digital twins are playing an increasingly important role in the design, construction and ongoing operation of healthy buildings and facilities and can be particularly valuable when analysing large datasets and predicting patterns and trends.

“When it comes to our OpenBlue suite of connected solutions, our customers see the return on their investment for creating smarter, healthier and more sustainable buildings – it’s a win for them and the environment,” said Rodney Clark, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Johnson Controls.

“We look forward to working with Willow to provide increasingly robust digital twin solutions to our mutual customers.”

“Through this partnership we have an incredible opportunity to help customers re-imagine what is possible when they digitise their buildings and facilities at scale,” said Joshua Ridley, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Willow.

“By integrating the power of WillowTwin with Johnson Controls OpenBlue Digital Twin platform, customers can obtain operational efficiency and cost reductions, improve their sustainability management and improve IoT/operational technology security across their buildings and facilities portfolios globally.”

In connection with this collaboration, Johnson Controls and Willow have entered into a go-to-market agreement and license agreement for the use of digital twin technology patents held by Johnson Controls. The companies also agreed to strengthen their technology and business collaboration in marketing, implementation and interoperability.


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