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Church security has become an increasing concern in recent years. You not only have issues with burglary and vandalism causing problems for religious centers, but you also see headlines about violent incidents occurring at churches.

With so many potential risks, church leaders are wondering what they can do to protect the members of their church and keep the property safe when they are away. Regardless of which denomination or religion you may follow, Cornerstone Protection has the latest technology solutions available to improve your church’s security.

In this post, we would like to take a closer look at different security solutions and explain how churches can utilize them for crime prevention.

Security Systems for Churches

An increasing number of churches are considering security system installation. With a modern security system, you can protect your church and its property in a number of ways. With a basic setup, you can get door sensors, glassbreak detectors, and motion sensors, but a modern security system offers many additional options.

To start, you can have contacts placed on doors and windows for intrusion detection. You can also set up motion sensors to detect activity in different areas of the church along with glassbreak detectors to recognize a breach before someone gains entry to the church. Many systems also offer fire protection and flood detection devices.

security protection for church cornerstone protection

If you choose to go with a smart security system, you can open up a wider range of church protection options. These systems not only have devices for things like intrusion detection and fire protection, they can also work with devices like smart lights, smart locks and IP cameras to increase security. This system sends alerts to specified church members when someone enters or disarms the alarm system.

Additionally, you can also set up a panic button with your smart alarm system. Panic buttons can be placed on walls or other locations or you may have the option of wireless panic buttons that can be carried by security team members or staff during daytime hours. In the event of an incident, the panic button will ensure a fast response from emergency services.

Also, security monitoring adds another layer of protection for your church. If any of the sensors are tripped, you can feel safe knowing that security professionals are monitoring the activity and that they will be there to act 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

surveillance systems for church cornerstone protection

Another great feature of smart security systems is that they can be monitored and managed on devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. As long as you have a connection to the internet, you can use these devices to keep an eye on the property and do things like arm/disarm the system. Some of these security system apps even have a built-in panic button that can be used to get a response for events like fires, medical emergencies, and crimes.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Security cameras are one of the most effective crime deterrents. Burglars and vandals will think twice if they know the church has a surveillance camera system. They can also be good for providing evidence in the event of a crime.

With cameras placed in strategic locations, you can also make it easier to monitor everything that goes on at your church. You can set them up at entrances to see everyone who comes and goes and you can place them in areas like parking lots and recreation areas. If your church has a security team one person can see the entire facility eliminating the need to have several people patrolling the property.

security monitoring systems for church cornerstone protection

This is another area where modern technology can make things easier. With today’s camera systems, you can have video surveillance cameras that connect to the internet so they can be monitored from anywhere. You can even get systems that use Artificial Intelligence to detect suspicious activity. If the AI detects anything suspicious, it can send you an alert to improve security at your church. Cornerstone Protection installs some of the latest security innovations such as a color 24/7 camera that can see in the dark.

Most smart security systems can support wireless cameras. When you combine the two together, it can make for a church security system that is more convenient and easier to manage. As an example, you will be able to view the camera feeds and manage the security system from the same app.

Access Control Systems

Most churches use locks with keys to control access to the building and other facilities. It’s simple, familiar and it is what you have always used. For these reasons, many churches are reluctant to leave the old lock and key for something new.

While standard locks may have served you well thus far, there are some benefits to installing an access control system at your church. An access control system can control the locks on your doors without traditional keys. Depending on the system, they can use unique PINs, passcards or biometrics to control access.

access control systems for church cornerstone protection

One way that this is better than a traditional lock and key is that it can’t be picked. You also don’t have to worry about keys being copied. You have to have access to the system to assign credentials. If something like a keycard gets lost or if a PIN gets compromised, you can easily turn off access for the compromised card or code reducing significant cost.

Another nice feature is that the access control system can keep records. It can tell you who entered the building at what time. If you have rooms within the church that have access control, you can also see who accessed those rooms at different times.

The system administrator can also manage different access levels for different people. Maybe a staff member or volunteer needs access to the building at different times, but you don’t want them to be able to access the offices. With an access control system, you can assign different privileges to different people.

You can also provide temporary credentials to different people. Let’s say you have a member of the church who needs to come to handle some repairs. Instead of having to keep a staff member there to let them in and lock up when they leave, you can give that member of your church a temporary PIN or keycard that would give them the access they need when they are working on the repairs.

Depending on the size of the church and your security concerns, you could also integrate access control with your smart security system. With smart locks, you have a convenient access control solution that can work with your security system to provide better protection. Just like with the cameras and other security devices, you could also use the security app to monitor the locks and to do things like lock and unlock the doors from your phone.

Putting it All Together

As you can see, you can actually use a smart security system to handle all three phases of your church security. Along with handling things like intrusion detection and fire protection, it can also have things like IP cameras and smart locks.

church safety management cornerstone protection

While having separate systems might be the right answer for some churches, there are benefits to combining all of these security solutions on one platform. First and foremost, it will simplify security management and make it more convenient. Along with that, you will be able to monitor and program everything from one app.

An additional benefit is that it will allow the devices to work together for better security. As an example, when a motion detector is tripped, the system could be programmed to turn on one of the cameras or if the front door detects an intruder, the camera by the door could start recording.

You could also add in devices like smart lights. These lights could then be programmed to give the appearance of an occupied structure even when no one is there. You could also set it up to turn a light on when it detects someone coming to the door late at night. Features like these can be effective deterrents against burglars and vandals.

Your smart security system can also send you alerts for all sorts of activities. If someone uses one of the doors at an odd hour, it can send an alert right to your phone. If someone forgot to lock the door or arm the system when they left, it can send you an alert for that as well. Once you get the alert, you can even take actions like locking the door or arming the system without having to go back to the church.

In Conclusion

This is just a brief overview of what some of these systems and devices can do to protect a church. Depending on your security concerns and the devices you choose to install, they can so much more. That is why you should take your time to assess the security at your church and consult with a professional before buying a security system.

As one of the leading names for Kentucky security systems company, Cornerstone Protection has designed and installed several security systems in churches and would like to help other churches and manage their security needs. We install smart security systems, surveillance cameras, and access control systems. Contact our team to start your free consultation.

Our experts can help you find the right security solutions for your church and we are ready to do an in-person security review to make sure your church has the best protection possible. Cornerstone Protection specializes in church security. Give us a call today!


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