Do you or someone in your family suffer from allergies? You might have your current home clean and properly protected from allergens, but what if you are moving into a new home? Whether you are going to a newly constructed home or moving into a home you purchased from the previous owner, there are some allergen issues you will need to deal with.

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What kind of problems should you be looking for and how do you deal with them so that the home is safe and comfortable as soon as you move in?

Remove New Home Dust

If your home has been recently finished, it might not be ready for you to move in just yet. I’m not talking about the electricity and water not quite working (although that is important), but you may need to do some cleaning to get rid of construction dust and particles. While the home may look great at first glance, there could be a fine layer of dust on the floors, countertops, or along the bottom of the walls. Opening a cupboard may reveal sawdust, and going into the bathroom you may find grout dust on the tiles. All of this will need to be cleaned before your allergy sufferer is safe. The dust should be cleaned in such a way that it does not get pushed up into the air, so a hard surface vacuum attachment and a wet cloth will do the trick in most areas.

Check the Air Filters

If you are taking over a house from a previous owner, then one of the first things you will want to check is the heating and cooling system. Make sure the air filters are clean, and it is always a good idea to change them out for fresh ones just to be on the safe side. They should be changed out every three months. This helps to ensure there is fresh air flowing in the home, but don’t stop with the air filters. Be sure to check the vents as well to see if they need a good cleaning. They may have layers of dust built up from a lack of cleaning. It doesn’t do you much good to change out the air filters if the vents are going to be pushing out dusty air anyway. To clean inside the vents, you may want to hire a professional cleaning service, as HVAC cleaners can get inside the vents to get rid of allergens that may be hiding in there.

Do a Full Cleaning

If you are concerned about allergens in a home you are moving into, it makes sense to just do a thorough cleaning to get rid of anything that might be hiding out in the carpets, behind the appliances, and in other trouble areas that often don’t get cleaned very well. Doing a deep cleaning will help to get rid of all sorts of allergens and make the home much more comfortable for the move in, but you may not have time to do that cleaning yourself. It’s not a bad idea to have a San Antonio cleaning company (or wherever you live) to come and handle all that cleaning for you. This leaves you more time to focus on moving and ensure that the cleaning that needs to be done is handled properly. Of course, hiring professionals is an added expense, but it can be worth it to know that the home is prepared for you and your family and that there should not be any serious allergy issues to deal with when you arrive.

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Consider Pest Removal

If there is any indication of pests in the home before you move in, you will want to deal with that problem as well. This isn’t something you want to take chances on, because pests can carry so many allergens into the home and make it difficult for allergy sufferers to sleep well at night. Keep in mind that the previous owners might not be forthcoming about a pest problem in the home. This is likely something you will have to look for yourself. Take time to look the home over and check for insect or rodent droppings. If you are able to access the house before moving in, you can go there early in the morning and see if any pests scatter when you come into the kitchen or living areas. In some cases, you can get rid of the pests on your own, but for serious infestations, definitely call in the experts to handle it and give you and your family peace of mind.

Install Hypoallergenic Carpeting

Carpets can be an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare. They easily house dust, dirt, and pollen, among other allergens. They can be difficult to clean properly as well, so many people who have allergies just keep their homes carpet free. Their doctors probably recommended that they do just that to make their lives easier and to ensure they sleep better. There is another solution, though, and that is hypoallergenic carpeting. If you don’t like cold floors in the morning, then this may be the answer. Wool and nylon are the best options, and you can replace the current carpets with one of these. Wool carpets will trap allergens and keep them from flying up into the air as easily. Nylon carpets are super easy to clean and are resistant to moisture and mildew. Consider changing out the carpets for one of these options if you want to minimize allergy symptoms and keep the floors warm and comfortable.

Look for Leaks

A musty home with mildew in it isn’t going to do anyone any favors. Your new home may have some plumbing issues that you are not aware of, and these can cause mildew and mold over time. Look for any kind of leaks, no matter how small, and deal with them before the move, if possible.

Closing Thoughts

Home should be a place where you feel at ease, and even people with allergies can rest easy in their home if they take the proper precautions.