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Image Sensor is the most significant technological advances in home security in recent years. We now have smart home alarm systems that use technologies like machine learning and the Internet of Things to make homes more secure. We also see a number of smart home security devices that perform far better than their counterparts from just a few years ago.

One device that can be used to improve safety at your home is an image sensor. The camera motion sensor is an evolution of the traditional motion detector and it can be used to enhance protection in a number of ways. In this post, we are going to teach you about security and alarm systems and some of the ways they can make your home more secure.

What is an Image Sensor?

With an image sensor, you have a protection device that combines motion detection with a camera. You can find image camera sensors made by different companies and there are different models from those manufacturers, so some of the specifics can vary depending on the sensor you buy. However, the best image sensors have features like wireless communication, night vision LED flash, and high-resolution image capture.

what is an image sensor cornerstone protectionAn image motion sensor works by using Passive Infrared (PIR) to detect action in the field it covers. When action is detected, the motion sensor triggers the camera to capture an image of what is happening in front of the device.

This is an improvement upon the traditional motion detector sensor because it provides more information to the user and to the alarm panel. Instead of just knowing that something is happening in the device’s field of operation, the sensor image provides a picture so the user can see if the activity is something that needs their attention.

With issues connected to false alarms, an image wireless sensor can provide some significant advantages. When you can see what is happening, you don’t have to worry about whether you are calling the police out for a false alarm or for a pet that happened to trigger a device. With a picture of the event, you can see what is happening and make an informed decision.

Now that you know what an image sensor is, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do when you have one of these devices connected to your smart home safety system.

Triggered Alerts

One of the main advantages of using a security camera sensor is that it can be set up to send you triggered alerts to a device like a smartphone or a tablet. These alerts can be important because they can help you to monitor activity at your home and they can also help you to tell the difference between normal events that need no response and events that may require the attention of the police or emergency services.

The first and most common way to set up these alerts is to have the device take a picture any time the system is armed and the PIR detects activity. Beyond that, you could also set up alerts to send you a photo for activity on other devices. As an example, it could be programmed to take a picture when your front door opens or when someone disarms the alarm system.

Keep an Eye on the Home

Another advantage of installing an image detection sensor with your alarm system is that it can be used to see what is happening at your house at any time. Since the image sensor is tied in with your connected alarm system, you can access the device and take a snapshot any time you need to know what is going on at your house.

With the security alarm systems installed by Cornerstone Protection, the process of activating an image motion sensor camera is simple. You open the connected app on your phone, go to the surveillance system dashboard and select the camera accessories sensor you want to access. The device then takes a picture for you to view.

what is an image sensor cornerstone protection

Alarm Activity

Motion detectors can even be more valuable in the event of an alarm. If the system detects an intrusion or a fire, it can start taking pictures and sending them to you in real-time. These pictures can help to alert you to the problem and they can also be used as evidence if there is a crime at your property.

If your alarm system has cellular communication, you don’t even have to worry about it continuing to work if the power goes out or if the phone line is cut. A wireless sensor works on a battery and the panel should have a battery backup. Regardless of whether you have electricity or a connection to the landline, the motion sensor image will keep taking pictures and the panel will continue to transmit information.

Smart Home Features

Digital sensors are great for protection and monitoring activity, but they can do a lot more when they are tied into a smart home wireless system that supports home automation features. With a smart home system, your image motion sensor could work with things like lights, locks, and garage door openers to unlock a wide array of convenient features.

One example could be to provide you with light when you wake up in the middle of the night. If you have smart lights and Smart Sensors covering the hallway, you could program the system to turn the hallway light on when it detects activity at night.

smart home security features cornerstone protectionAs another option for smart lights, you could program the system to turn the porch light on when it detects activity on the porch at night. This would not only provide you with better lighting if you are coming home late, but it could also act as a deterrent for burglars.

Wireless sensors can be a great addition to any alarm system. With features like triggered alerts and the ability to check on your home at any time, an image sensor can improve alarm services and provide you with peace of mind.

If you are interested in image sensors or any other safety products, contact Cornerstone Protection. We operate in the Lexington, Kentucky area and we are one of the region’s leaders for smart alarm systems and home automation.


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