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All over the country, kids are planning their way back into school. For some, this brings joy, and for others dread. With tasks like buying new school supplies and getting your kids back on their school schedule, this can be a busy time of the year. As a parent, there are some security tips you can familiarize yourself with to keep your children safe. Here are the Top 6 Back-to-School Home Security Solutions tips provided by Cornerstone Protection.

Fortunately, your smart home security solutions can do a lot to help out. With features for automation and monitoring, you can rest assured that your kids are safe without always having to be there yourself. We are going to look at a few of the ways your smart alarm system can help Kentucky families as kids go back to school.

6 Back-to-School Home Security Solutions Tips:

1. No More Lost Keys

Once your babies are old enough to go home on their own, you have to trust them with a key to the front door. The only problem is that there is always the chance that the key could get lost or forgotten. When you have smart locks with a keyless entry system, you don’t have to worry about your kids losing or forgetting their keys.

home security solutions lost keys cornerstone protection

Instead of a physical key, you can give each kid a keyless entry code to unlock the door. This is something they can’t lose, and even if they do forget, there is still a way for them to get in. All they have to do is a phone call you, and you can unlock the door using the app that connects to the alarm system.

If you have a device like a doorbell camera, they can ring the doorbell to send you an alert. With the SkyBell video doorbell camera, you can view the video feed to verify that it is one of your children and have a two-way conversation through the connected app.

2. Know When They Get Home

Just like any parent, you want to know that your children made it back from school safely. However, having them call you when they get residence could interfere with your work. Along with that, you have to rely on your children to remember to make the call every day.

With a smart alarm system, you can know when they get comfortable without having to get your kids to call you every day. When your kids have their user code for the smart locks or to disarm the wireless system, you can set up alerts to let you know when these actions occur. You get a signal automatically sent to your smartphone, and you know your kids made it place safely without having to rely on them to call.

3. Your Smart Thermostat

With a smart thermostat connected to your surveillance system, you can manage your apartment heating and cooling more efficiently even when you are away from the house. You can schedule new heating and cooling schedules to account for the time your kids are away at school, and the thermostat can even send alerts and manage the system based on the activity in your home.

smart thermostat systems cornerstone protection

As an example, your smart alarm system can send an alert to your phone if someone changes the temperature. You can even make adjustments to the heating and air conditioning from your phone. If a door is left open, your smart alarm system can also send an alert to close the door and adjust the HVAC systems operation to save you money until the door is closed.

4. Keep an Eye on the Place

If you have DIY wireless alarms systems or image sensors, you can always check on your baby no matter where you are. With the wireless system app, you can view any camera feed from your smartphone or get a quick snapshot from one of the image sensors. You can set it up to have the system send you a video clip or image of your baby arriving home every day.

This can provide advantages of peace of mind to parents who have to be at work when their kids come home. Beyond seeing them come back, you check on them whenever you need to. If you are worried about them having friends over, the cameras can also let you know who is in the house when you are not there.

5. Set Alarm Reminders

Being able to see your kids come apartment is excellent, but there are more smart home security solutions that can do to protect your place. Your alarm system can also send you reminders and alerts that will help to keep your home more secure.

As an example, your best alarm system can send you an alert if one of your kids forgot to lock the door or arm the system. If they did, you can easily lock your smart locks or arm your smart alarm system from the app. No need to turn around and drive home and no need to worry about your house being left unprotected.

6. Consider New Devices to Protect Your Family

One of the best things about a wireless protection system is that it is easy to add new devices as you need them. As your children get older and the needs of your family change, you can add accessories that will make your life easier and do more to protect your address and family.

If you don’t have smart locks already, back to school could be the perfect time to add them to your alarm system. If you want to see your kids come home, maybe you could consider a safety camera or an image sensor to cover the front door. You could also get peace of mind with a doorbell camera or add a smart thermostat to manage your apartment heating and cooling better.

Back to the school can be a hectic time for most families. With an affordable alarm system, you can take some of the stress out of sending your kids back to school and make it easier to manage your home throughout the year. If you do not already have a smart alarm system, the start of the school year is a great time to consider having one installed.

Cornerstone Protection is one of Kentucky’s leaders in smart home security solutions. Contact us if you need a wireless alarm system for your home or if you want to upgrade your existing alarm monitoring system with new devices and features. Our service experts to get with a free home security solutions consultation.


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